Biomedical Science Day

Last updated: 28th June 2017

The Institute of Biomedical Science will be hosting a Biomedical Science Awareness Day on Wednesday 19th July, to coincide with the 135th birthday of founder Albert Norman MBE.

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19th July 2017


The Biomedical Science Day campaign aims to raise public awareness of the importance of biomedical science and the vital role it plays in the world.

Biomedical science is one of the broadest areas of modern science with a range of essential roles covering many different disciplines. These include: healthcare, medicine, teaching, veterinary, research, forensics, journalism, the armed forces and management. 


Promoting biomedical science

The aim of Biomedical Science Day is to celebrate and promote the significant work of our members and the important role they play in diagnosis, treatment and research.

Institute founder Albert Norman MBE was born on July 19th 1882 and in 1912 formed the Pathological and Bacteriological Laboratory Assistants Association PBLAA (which later became the Institute of Biomedical Science). 

Initially viewed in the early 20th century as ‘unskilled menials’, laboratory assistants faced a public stigma of ignorance, despite having years of education and training. The PBLAA was created to combat this and form a means of communication amongst the laboratory assistants, supply information regarding jobs and appointments, and assist in the advancements of its members, whilst circulating information concerning advancements in the methods and techniques of pathology and bacteriology.


Celebrate your role

The theme for the first Biomedical Science Day is to celebrate the diverse roles of our members. We will be asking members to send us images of themselves in the workplace stating in a few words their job title and what their role entails.

Throughout the day, we shall be posting live updates on our social media channels and urging our members to contribute. We also have A3 colour posters promoting biomedical science in healthcare with facts and statistics, which are available to our members. Please contact with your name and address for us to send the posters.

More details will be released nearer to the date and members will be duly notified.