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Distinguishing Tumour from Normal Tissue Focussed Webinar

In this focussed webinar we will be looking at a range of normal tissues and discussing the histological changes observed during malignancy that provide the ability to identify the presence of tumours.

IBMS Support Hub 2023 Webinar Series

All upcoming sessions in the 2023 Support Hub series:


UK NEQAS Blood Coagulation annual scientific meeting – 2 days of lectures and discussion with international experts in the field of haemostasis.

Masters level Units and programmes in Stem Cells and Regeneration

Choose from individual units, or a postgraduate certificate, diploma or masters in areas such as neurodegeneration, molecular tools and the use of stem cells in treating human disease.

Back to Basics – Quality Management Systems Focussed Webinar

This focus webinar is designed to introduce new personnel and students or qualified scientific staff who wish to learn about the importance of ‘quality’ in their day-to-day work.

Microtomy - tips to better sectioning Focussed Webinar

A simple exploration of tips and practices that may not be commonly taught in modern training but may help provide an insight into the mechanics of sectioning and help resolve some difficulties encountered when sectioning.


This is an opportunity for your students to join our question-and-answer session on the 29th of March, 2023 at 4pm GMT and our Workshop event on the 1st of April, 2023 at 10am.
Our Q & A session is a virtual event focused mainly on international students, while our workshop event is an onsite practical experience, focused mainly at students who are already in the UK.
Our events promises to be exciting, educative and informative as there will be lots of information to be passed across regarding the biomedical science industry in the UK. We will also be giving out free scholarships on any of our training courses, mentorships and internships.
To register for our Q &A, please visit
To register for our workshop event please visit
Please note that registration for our workshop event costs 5pounds.
Limited spaces available!!!

Controlling your Controls Focussed Webinar

This webinar discusses the importance of using control material in the laboratory and how to verify control material.

Diagnostic Cytology Beginners & Refreshers – Microscopy Session

This microscope workshop provides a basic introduction and training in Diagnostic Cytopathology, principles of preparation and cell morphology. Delegates will be given a basic overview of Diagnostic Cytopathology sample types, preparation methods, cell morphology and quality issues. Utilises presentations, hands on and discussion-based sessions.

Diagnostic Cytology Intermediate & Troubleshooting – Microscopy Session 2023

This practical workshop will include specimens obtained using radiological guidance as part of ROSE (rapid on site evaluation) service, and will look at preparation methods, cell morphology and quality issues. Utilises presentations, hands on and discussion-based sessions.
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