Electron Microscopy Summer School July 2019

Last updated: 11th June 2019

The EM Summer School aims to provide a basic training in both the theory and practice of scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The course covers imaging, diffraction and chemical microanalysis as well as the highly important area of sample preparation.

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8th - 12th July 2019
Venue: University of Leeds


After completing the course delegates should be able to do / understand the following

- Basic principles of imaging and diffraction;

- Basic principles of electron beam interactions and electron microscopy;

- Radiation damage;

- Instrument maintenance;

- Sample preparation and Processing (Biological/Materials);

- SEM, TEM, STEM imaging;

- Environmental SEM;

- CryoSEM;


- Immunolabelling;

- CryoTEM;

- EDX;


- Tomography;

- Image Recording and Processing

Event contact details

Kate Jermey Telephone: 01865 254776 Event website