Last updated: 12th June 2017

Council has defined a regional structure based on set boundaries. Regions are composed of a number of branches and are organised on a committee basis.

Regions elect the following individuals:

  • Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • One member from each branch within the region

Regional Council members are elected for a three-year term by ballot.


Regions fulfil the following functions:
  • Support communication between Council, the IBMS office and branch members within the region
  • Promotion and implementation of Institute policy and objectives within the region
  • Establishment of networks for gathering information on professional issues
  • To monitor relevant education courses in the regions to identify educational needs within the region
  • Promotion of the Institute‚Äôs prizes, grants and awards to members
  • Support the establishment of regional discussion groups

Institute regions are funded on a per capita allocation based on the number of members affiliated to an individual region. Regions also receive a flat rate funding allocation to support meetings. Regional funds are held locally and are administered centrally.


All active regions should produce an annual review of their activities for inclusion on the Institute website Institute regions are co-ordinated by Membership and Marketing Committee.