All Institute members are allocated to a branch upon admission to membership. Their branch is based on their work address but may be altered should an individual member wish to be affiliated with a branch nearer to their home address.

Institute branches are organised on a committee basis and elect the following individuals:

  • Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • At least 2 other committee members

In addition, a branch committee is normally supported by a wider group composed of local, educational & CPD representatives. The maximum size of the committee is not set but will reflect the relative size of the branch and its activities.

Branches fulfil the following functions:
  • Act as the focal point for Institute activities within the local area and to maintain close contact with members
  • Establishment of a local liaison officer network
  • Organisation of scientific and professional meetings
  • Liaison with local education establishments
  • Promote local recruitment
  • Provide formal links to the region

Institute branches are funded on a per capita allocation based on the number of members affiliated to an individual branch. Branches also receive a flat rate funding allocation to support branch meetings. Funds are held locally and are administered centrally.

All active branches should produce an annual review of their activities for inclusion on the Institute website.

Institute branches are coordinated by Membership and Marketing Committee.