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Develop new skills and shape your profession 

Support your profession, develop your skills and enhance your CV by getting involved with the IBMS.


Public engagement

Public engagement is a rewarding way to promote your profession and inspire the next generation of biomedical scientists.

Our members have taken part in activities ranging from inspiring students about careers in biomedical science to an attempt to break a world record.

Getting involved in public engagement activities will develop your teamwork, organisational, communication, problem-solving and leadership skills.

If you are interested in getting involved with public engagement activities in your local area please: 

You will be able to join our Public Engagement Group and receive updates on public engagement opportunities in your local area. 

You can find more information and resources to support you in delivering public engagement activities on our Public Engagement resources page


IBMS Council and Committees

For members with the professional knowledge, leadership skills and experience to set the strategic direction of the IBMS becoming an IBMS Council member will give you the opportunity to shape the Institute’s future.

Becoming an IBMS Council member offers you excellent opportunities to build your experience, broaden your skills and networks and make a significant contribution to the future direction of the IBMS and your profession.

Find out more on our Council and Committees page.


Observe IBMS Council and Committees

As part of our commitment to open and transparent governance, we allow members to attend and observe IBMS Council and Committee meetings.

Find out more and how to book your place at the Council or Committee meeting you wish to attend on our Council and Committee Observers page


IBMS regions and branches

The IBMS region and branch network connects our members to biomedical scientists, employers and students in their local area.

Getting involved with your local IBMS region or branch will support and develop your practice through scientific and networking events, public engagement activities and work with local employers, universities and policymakers. 

Get involved with your local region or branch committee and enhance your leadership skills and contribute to the governance of the IBMS.

Find out more on our Regions and Branches page.


Discipline specific discussion groups

IBMS discipline-specific discussion groups are run by IBMS members for IBMS members and organise scientific events, courses and discussion forums.

Joining an IBMS discipline-specific discussion group will support your professional development in your chosen scientific field.

Find out more on our Discussion Groups page.


CPD Officer 

Support your colleagues' professional development by becoming an IBMS CPD Officer and develop your leadership and mentoring skills.

Contact the IBMS CPD Team to find out more about becoming an IBMS CPD Officer.  


IBMS Advisory Panels 

Our Advisory Panels support the IBMS with discipline-specific scientific expertise and guidance. 

Our Advisory Panel members develop scientific lecture programmes for IBMS Congress, inform the content of IBMS examinations, journals and publications and represent the IBMS on local and national committees. 

Joining an IBMS Advisory Panel will enable you to develop your presenting skills, provide opportunities to chair meetings and events, facilitate networking with peers and colleagues in your scientific field and become a recognised leader in your field of expertise. 

If you would like to join an IBMS Advisory Panel please visit our Advisory Panels page to find out more.


IBMS Portfolio verifier and examiner 

IBMS portfolio verifiers and examiners play a central role in the assessment of IBMS Certificate of Competence and Specialist qualifications. 

Becoming an IBMS portfolio verifier or examiner is an excellent opportunity for continuing professional development (CPD), for engaging with a network of biomedical scientists that share a common interest in training and maintaining professional standards and supporting the professional development of biomedical scientists.

If you are interested in becoming an IBMS portfolio verifier or examiner please visit our Information for Verifiers and Examiners page


Member Engagement Group

Our Member Engagement Group puts your views at the centre of shaping IBMS policy, advocacy and services.

The valuable insights gained from our Member Engagement Group have already made an impact on our advocacy strategy, our journal and website content, IBMS Congress planning and the support we provide for leadership and career development.

Visit our Member Engagement Group page to find out more and join our Member Engagement Group.


Online forums 

Join a network of 20,000 biomedical scientists and students from across the world to exchange the latest professional advice and discuss scientific developments. 

Start a conversation in one of our forums



Our members have volunteered in places as diverse as Sierra Leone during the Ebola outbreak and providing laboratory service for Tibetans in exile.

If you have been volunteering full time for biomedical science related charities we will waive your IBMS membership fees. 

Find out more on our Charity Volunteers page.