Events in 2019

Electron Microscopy Summer School July 2019

The EM Summer School aims to provide a basic training in both the theory and practice of scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The course covers imaging, diffraction and chemical microanalysis as well as the highly important area of sample preparation.

Annual SHOT Symposium 2019

To receive an overview of the Annual SHOT Report 2018 (pub 2019), and lessons on improving patient safety in blood transfusion.

Introductory Course in Cervical Cytology

A mandatory 4 week basic course in cervical cytology designed for trainees working within the Cervical Screening Programme. This course is completed with a further 5 days of follow up training.

BMS / Cytoscreener Update Course in Gynaecological Cytology July 2019

Allocated as Lecture/Study: 4 hrs 0 mins
Allocated as Q&A/Discussion 2 hrs 0 mins
Allocated as Practical Element 12 hrs 0 mins

Total 18 hrs 0 mins

Getting the most from your Confocal Course July 2019

This Course utilises many different sample types and fluorescent probes (DNA stains, classic antibody labels and fluorescent proteins) and these are chosen to best demonstrate particular problems and techniques. Focus is on the techniques they enable and the problems they generate, which will be applicable to any sample types.

Introduction to NGS: DNA July 2019

This 2 days course gives an overview of each step of a complete sequencing workflow: from considerations for experimental design; choice of sample preparation method and sequencer; to challenges of data analysis. A participant will have an opportunity to discuss their future projects with our experts and have a chance to set up a sequencing run.
The training will take place at one of Illumina Solution Centre.
Target audience: Biomedical scientists who have no or very limited experience with Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), but who would like to gain an understanding of the technology.

Urine Cytology Course 2019

Allocated as Lecture/Study: 5 hrs 0 mins
Allocated as Q&A/Discussion 0 hrs 0 mins
Allocated as Practical Element 7 hrs 0 mins

Total 12 hrs 0 mins

Train the Trainer July 2019

A day long short course aimed at current or prospective trainers in diagnostic laboratories.

UK NEQAS Cellular Pathology Technique Tissue Preparation Techniques Workshop August 2019

This workshop will provide the basic knowledge for participants, within tissue preparation techniques utilised for diagnostic cellular pathology.

UK NEQAS Cellular Pathology Technique Tissue Morphology and Recognition Workshop August 2019

This workshop will provide a basic knowledge with regards to the morphology of cellular components and tissue, and their ability to perform one or more specific functions, together with some key aspects and pathological implications, and the microscopic recognition of normal histological tissue and some key aspects of pathological tissues.
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