Events during November 2020

National Pathology Week 2020

This year’s National Pathology Week offers a fantastic opportunity for members to share their work #AtTheHeartOfHealthcare

UK Standards for Microbiology Investigations- Chairs Strategy Working Group Meeting November 2020

Working group to develop standards for clinical and diagnostic microbiology laboratories

Advanced Practical HPLC Course – 5 Days - 2020

To understand which HPLC column to use and why
; To be confident using both normal and reverse phase columns
; To know when to use a pre- and guard columns
; To understand fluorescence and diode array detection methods
; To be able to set up a gradient method
; To determine the gradient dwell volume for a HPLC system
; To analyse cations by ion chromatography
; To understand different calibration methods and perform internal standard calibration

UK NEQAS Cellular Pathology Technique Non Gyn Cytology Beginners/ Refresher Workshop

Delegates will learn the basic principles of non gyn cytology and cytological staining techniques

International Pathology Day 2020

The College launched International Pathology Day in 2014, together with pathology and laboratory medicine institutions worldwide. It has since become a valuable platform where the contribution and achievements of pathology and laboratory medicine services that work to address global health challenges and improve the health outcomes of global communities is recognised and celebrated.

In the best interests of the international community we have decided to bring everyone together for a virtual conference. Organised once again in collaboration with the Pathologist magazine and sponsor Sonic Healthcare UK

As the world continues to reel from the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s International Pathology Day will explore infection.
Focusing on the methods and models that have been developed to manage infection around the world, the day will also explore how the global pathology community has managed infectious outbreaks in the past and how it is dealing with the current outbreak of COVID-19.

Themes explored on the day will include the social, economic, cultural, technical, and biological factors that impact on controlling the spread of an infection, the role of testing and the search to discover a vaccine and treatments.

The roundtable, on the topic of why international knowledge sharing is a winner will explore these themes and offer new perspectives. Following its hugely successful debut we are also excited to announce that the poster competition sponsored by Sonic Healthcare UK will be returning.

UK NEQAS Cellular Pathology Technique Non Gyn Cytology Intermediate Workshop

Delegates will receive a basic overview of FNA cytology and the ROSE service and will look at preparation methods, cell morphology and quality issues.

Biomedical Scientist medicine supply proposals

Proposals relating to the supply and administration of medicines under patient group directions

The Biomedical Scientist Live

The four day digital event will feature content aimed at all IBMS members and will be free to attend

UK NEQAS Cellular Pathology Technique BMT workshop

This introductory workshop provides an introduction to the theory and application of specialist BMT techniques.

Non-Gynae Cytology for Experienced Staff (Respiratory, Urine, Serous Effusions & DEP Exam Practice)

Separate days cover serous fluids, urine, respiratory cytology and preparation for the DEP exam. Each day will include lectures, workshops, multi-head sessions and self-assessment elements. The days are suitable for both non-medical and medical staff.

These four days can be booked separately or as a block
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