Events during November 2020

UK NEQAS Cellular Pathology Technique Non Gyn Cytology Intermediate Workshop

Delegates will receive a basic overview of FNA cytology and the ROSE service and will look at preparation methods, cell morphology and quality issues.

Diagnostic Cytology Intermediate / Troubleshooting Webinar

Value of BMS participation in a Fine Needle Aspiration ROSE service. How suitably experienced BMS staff can improve the diagnostic accuracy of samples obtained using radiological guidance. How this service can expand the range of diagnostic tests available to the reporting pathologist thus benefitting patient and clinicians.

Biomedical Scientist consultation

Proposals relating to the supply and administration of medicines under patient group directions

UK NEQAS Cellular Pathology Technique BMT workshop

This introductory workshop provides an introduction to the theory and application of specialist BMT techniques.

The Biomedical Scientist Live

The four day digital event will feature content aimed at all IBMS members and will be free to attend

BMT Introductory Webinar

In the first part of this webinar we will explore the structure, function, and cells of the marrow, and discuss the clinical importance of the bone marrow trephine biopsy. In the second part of this webinar we will explore fixation, decalcification, staining of the bone marrow trephine biopsy, and discuss the challenges we face.

Specialist Workshop A Webinar

Discussing extra cellular proteins fibrin and amyloid along with the application and principles of carbohydrate and mucin classification/demonstration.

Non-Gynae Cytology for Experienced Staff (Respiratory, Urine, Serous Effusions & DEP Exam Practice)

Separate days cover serous fluids, urine, respiratory cytology and preparation for the DEP exam. Each day will include lectures, workshops, multi-head sessions and self-assessment elements. The days are suitable for both non-medical and medical staff.

These four days can be booked separately or as a block

Standardising pathology test results

NHSX and NHS Digital have a programme to implement standards for pathology messaging of test requests and results across the system and for the standards to be UK wide.

How to Reflect - 2020

If you struggle to reflect and write reflectively, come along to our session to learn approaches that may help.
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