Events in 2020

The Biomedical Scientist Live

The four day digital event will feature content aimed at all IBMS members and will be free to attend

Specialist Workshop A Webinar

Discussing extra cellular proteins fibrin and amyloid along with the application and principles of carbohydrate and mucin classification/demonstration.

Standardising pathology test results

NHSX and NHS Digital have a programme to implement standards for pathology messaging of test requests and results across the system and for the standards to be UK wide.

How to Reflect - 2020

If you struggle to reflect and write reflectively, come along to our session to learn approaches that may help.

Laboratory Approval Q & A

The laboratory approval process will be de-mystified

Myth Busting

Discussion on current myths about the IBMS qualifications that are correctly affecting those completing the IBMS qualifications.

Specialist Workshop B Webinar

Discussing the staining applications and principles employed to classify and demonstrate lipids, common infective agents, pigments and minerals.

Transmission Electron Microscopy Webinar

An in-depth look at the role of Transmission Electron Microscopy in a modern cellular pathology department. What technical challenges are there in preparing tissue for TEM and what diagnostic challenges does TEM have an important role in?

Randox Laboratories | RIQAS Report Interpretation & Troubleshooting Webinar

Online presentations of RIQAS reporting, interpretation of reports and how to troubleshoot and necessary actions. Also includes a Q&A for participants. Date(s) of Activity:

Introduction to Cellular Components, Tissue Morphology and Tissue Recognition Part 1 Webinar

Introduction to basic tissue recognition and discussing and demonstrating epithelia and basic connective tissue.
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