Events in 2020

Amyloid Webinar

In order to detect and identify amyloid, biopsy slides must be properly prepared, stained and examined. This requires precise technique, correct equipment and professional expertise, or amyloid deposits may be missed or incorrectly diagnosed. We will continue to look at amyloid staining, correctly diagnosing amyloid in tissues and the associated laboratory techniques.

Renal Introductory Webinar

Discussing the clinical importance of renal biopsies, and the associated laboratory techniques and challenges.

IBMSpod - Episode 1

In Episode 1 of the all-new IBMSpod Rob and Jordan chat to AH Biomedical Scientist of the Year Dr Guy Orchard. In a wide-ranging conversation, Guy discussed how a trip to the local delicatessen inspired him to develop two new pathology products patented for clinical use. Guy also talked about his motivations and passions for the field and how science can be like painting.

National Pathology Week 2020

This year’s National Pathology Week offers a fantastic opportunity for members to share their work #AtTheHeartOfHealthcare

UK Standards for Microbiology Investigations- Chairs Strategy Working Group Meeting November 2020

Working group to develop standards for clinical and diagnostic microbiology laboratories

Advanced Practical HPLC Course – 5 Days - 2020

To understand which HPLC column to use and why
; To be confident using both normal and reverse phase columns
; To know when to use a pre- and guard columns
; To understand fluorescence and diode array detection methods
; To be able to set up a gradient method
; To determine the gradient dwell volume for a HPLC system
; To analyse cations by ion chromatography
; To understand different calibration methods and perform internal standard calibration

COVID-19: results of LAMP and Lateral Flow Devices validation and evaluation

Joint Royal College of Pathology and British Infection Association Webinar

Introduction to Specialist Demonstration Techniques Webinar

Discussing the different types of staining mechanisms utilised with the routine special demonstration technique protocols in clinical laboratories.

IBMS Support Hub - Evidence

IBMS Support Hub - Evidence

Diagnostic Cytology Beginners / Refresher Webinar

Discussion of preparation techniques for the most commonly encountered cytology specimens. Benign cell found in these samples and the most commonly encountered malignancies.
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