Events in 2021

COVID-19 Variants of Concern webinar

The Office of the Chief Scientific Officer will be hosting its next webinar for healthcare science staff and will focus on the different COVID-19 variants and the implications of new variants on vaccination, testing and the overall spread of the virus.

Non-accredited Degree Assessment Talk

Discuss the IBMS non-accredited degree assessment process.

IBMS Support Hub - New Cytology Portfolios

Please come along if you believe that you can benefit from this event.

IBMSpod - Episode 5

In March's edition of IBMS POD, we ask how can biomedical scientists manage worry, anxiety and stress and boost mental wellbeing in the midst of the pandemic?

IBMS Support Hub - Evidence Workshop

Find out what makes good evidence and how to best present evidence in training portfolios.

Non Gynae Cytology ASD Prep Session

Advanced Specialist Diploma in Non Gynae Cytology Preparation session: Written Paper
Distanced learning session via MS Teams

Pub-less Healthcare Science Pub Quiz!

As part of Healthcare Science Week 2021, this is an event to give healthcare scientists a chance to have a night of fun and relax.

Sock the Puppet

Celebrating Healthcare Science Week 2021, join us for a story about Socks, Science, Superbugs and Making Friends, narrated by Stephanie Houtman (Peppa Pig Live).

What is CPD and How to do CPD during COVID

This support hub session will offer those attending the opportunity to learn more about CPD allowing you to make the best use of the IBMS CPD scheme during COVID.

IBMS Support Hub - HSD vs MSc

Why do the HSD rather than an MSc?
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