Events in 2021

What is CPD and How to do CPD during COVID

This support hub session will offer those attending the opportunity to learn more about CPD allowing you to make the best use of the IBMS CPD scheme during COVID.

Pre-registration and End point assessment training for LJMU Verifiers 2021

To understand the requirement needed to become a LJMU verifier in line with the IBMS criteria.
To understand the process and outcomes of the verification process
To understand the Health care science end point assessment for apprentices.
To understand the relevance of the HCPC SoPs as they relate to the registration portfolio
To review student portfolios in the required time frame Reflection Topics
Discuss the different types of evidence found in the student portfolios
Evaluate the verification process and how to implement it.
To keep up-to-date with new changes in IBMS and HCPC SETS and how it affects LJMU verifiers.

IBMS Support Hub - HSD vs MSc

Why do the HSD rather than an MSc?

London Region Meeting - March 2021

Come along for a short programme of talks at this London Region Meeting

Train the Trainer - 26/03/2021

A daylong short course aimed at current or prospective trainers in diagnostic laboratories.

IBMS Support Hub - Student Support

Student discussion on the IBMS processes

BSEDG meeting - Smarter Blood Stock Management

Biomedical Scientist Empowerment and Discussion Group, Meeting #6: Smarter Blood Stock Management

IBMSPOD - Episode 6

In April's edition of IBMSpod, we catch up with senior lecturer at Staffordshire University Ian Davies to ask how the pandemic has affected the next generation of Biomedical Scientists.

IBMS Support Hub - Soft Skills for Training Officers

This session of IBMS Support Hub is for training officers, we’ll be looking at what soft skills are important for TO’s and how to develop those skills.

How to manage your financial future webinar

Lighthouse Financial Advice is hosting a free webinar for IBMS members on building up a nest-egg for your retirement
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