Events in 2021

Implementation guidance for liver biopsies

Free Webinar
Wednesday 26 May 2021, 4pm - 4.45pm

IBMS Support Hub - How to Reflect

Do you struggle to reflect and write reflectively? Come along to our session to learn approaches that may help.

Mohs’ Procedure Introductory Webinar

During this session we will look more closely at the benefits of Mohs micrographic surgery to include improved preservation of uninvolved skin, better cosmetic outcomes and how it can be used on problematic infiltrative invasive tumour types. In addition we will consider the technical requirements in detail along with an understanding of the artefacts that can be created during the procedures and how they can also be resolved. Emphasis will be given to developing a comprehensive understanding of the skills required for the laboratory scientist to deliver good quality stained tissue sections

IBMSPOD - Episode 8

Microbiology & overseas aid with Zonya Jeffrey and Akinola and Olubukola Adewunmi

IBMS Registration Portfolio Workshop - 02/06/2021

The workshop has been tailored to enhance your understanding of the IBMS Registration Portfolio requirements, from the perspectives of both the trainee and the trainer. It will help you recognise and select appropriate evidence for inclusion, offer constructive feedback to students who are completing a portfolio and provide greater insight into the verification process and follow-up for IBMS membership and HCPC registration.

Rise of the Resistance festival!

A digital festival of creative responses to Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR). Curated by NOSOCOMIAL, an award-winning collaboration of Healthcare Scientists and theatre makers which hosts performances, panels and events

Institute of Biomedical Science Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting of the Institute


Provide delegates with an update on current topics related to pathology: Big data, paediatric /pregnancy biochemistry, POCT, laboratory medicine and clinical practice, laboratory science of the future, management in the 21st century, clinical cases, laboratory services in the aftermath of the pandemic, optimising pathology services , evolving workforce in pathology.

Non Gynaecological Cytology ASD Prep Session

Advanced Specialist Diploma in Non Gynaecological Cytology Preparation session: Written Paper
Distanced learning session via MS Teams

Renal Webinar

Discussing the clinical importance of renal biopsies, and the associated laboratory techniques and challenges.
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