Past papers

A list of past papers for IBMS Diploma of Expert Practice and IBMS Higher Specialist Diploma


IBMS Diploma of Expert Practice 

DEP Immunocytochemistry

DEP 2013 Immunocytochemistry Past Papers

DEP 2015 Immunocytochemistry Paper 1

DEP 2015 Immunocytochemistry Paper 2


DEP Histological Dissection

DEP 2016 Histological Dissection Past Papers

DEP 2017 Histological Dissection Past Papers


IBMS Higher Specialist Diploma

Cellular Pathology

HSD 2016 Past Papers Cellular Pathology

HSD 2017 Past Papers Cellular Pathology


Clinical Chemistry

HSD 2016 Past Papers Clinical Chemistry

HSD 2017 Past Papers Clinical Chemistry



HSD 2016 Past Papers Cytopathology

HSD 2017 Past Papers Cytopathology


Generic Paper

HSD 2016 Past Papers Generic Paper

HSD 2017 Past Papers Generic Paper



HSD 2016 Past Papers Haematology

HSD 2017 Past Papers Haematology



HSD 2016 Past Papers Immunology

HSD 2017 Past Papers Immunology


Leadership and Management

HSD 2016 Past Papers Leadership and Management

HSD 2017 Past Papers Leadership and Management


Medical Microbiology

HSD 2016 Past Papers Medical Microbiology

HSD 2017 Past Papers Medical Microbiology


Transfusion Science

HSD 2016 Past Papers Transfusion Science

HSD 2017 Past Papers Transfusion Science



HSD 2017 Past Papers Virology