Biomedical Science Day 2024

Last updated: 17th July 2024
Biomedical Science Day 2024

On 6th June 2024, biomedical scientists celebrated Biomedical Science Day, showcasing their workplaces, engaging with the public.

On Thursday, 6th June 2024, healthcare laboratories across the UK (and beyond) came together to showcase their workplaces, colleagues, and expertise, all in a bid to celebrate and raise awareness of the vital role they play in healthcare. Below, we will take a closer look at how some teams chose to spend their day: 

Coventry and Warwickshire Pathology Services

The team at Coventry and Warwickshire Pathology Services celebrated Biomedical Science Day by holding a stall at the Involvement Hub in the main hospital entrance at the University Hospital Coventry site.

Pathology staff engaged with patients and visitors, discussing the important work they do and distributing pens, sweets, badges, and leaflets. There was a notable interest in careers within the profession, and many patients were directed to the Lab Tests Online website to learn more about what pathology laboratories test for and what the results can indicate. Dinoya Patrick, a university placement student in Haematology and Blood Transfusion, found the experience invaluable for preparing her IBMS registration portfolio verification.


NHS Blood and Transplant Services Scientific Consultant, Semina Ploumakis, showcased self-directed learning packages using VR headsets. These packages, related to Blood Transfusion training, were available at the promotional stall and for Pathology staff in the department. The innovative approach to training delivery was well-received, with many finding it both fun and educational.

All agreed it was great fun and a different and useful way to explore training delivery.


Pathology staff from Cellular Pathology across UHCW and South Warwick Hospital sites took some group photos using the IBMS props.


A competition was held for staff to guess the number of laboratory consumable items in a discard jar and win a prize.


Biomedical Science Day at London South Bank University: Activities and Highlights

Biomedical Science Day, hosted by the Biomedical Science Department, was a notable event aimed at raising awareness about the field. The event was organised by Dr Ruth Gyereh, a lecturer in Biomedical Science at London South Bank University. It attracted 15 attendees from local communities, including students from Lambeth College and South Bank College, all accompanied by chaperones.

Students were introduced to numerous career opportunities in this dynamic field, gaining an understanding of what a career in biomedical science entails. Current student ambassadors and Level 6 biomedical science students offered a variety of informative and interactive sessions, sharing their experiences and insights into placements within the NHS.

Practical Demonstrations



The event featured laboratory demonstrations and practical experiences. Attendees engaged in hands-on activities, including ABO blood grouping, running a Full Blood Count (FBC) using a mini Sysmex analyser, and observing blood cells, malaria parasites, and sickle cells under the microscope. Additionally, participants enjoyed a workshop on examining human bones for forensic biological profiling in the forensic science labs.




 Tour of Biomedical Science Labs and Facilities


Participants explored the biomedical science labs, including the microbiology lab and equipment at LSBU, highlighting the advanced technology and learning environment available to students.







 Wrap-Up Session with Pizza


 The event concluded with a wrap-up session where participants enjoyed pizza and non-alcoholic drinks at the LSBU staff social area. This informal session provided an opportunity for attendees to ask questions, network with peers, and reflect on the day's activities.







Quotes from Attendees

“Today, I learnt how to operate a blood analyser and now I can confidently say that I can carry out a blood count.” - Zohaib
“The day was really nice. It was informative and helpful. My favourite thing was the blood grouping. I came into the University thinking I would enjoy forensics more than biomedical science. But I took a liking to biomedical science.” - Anonymous
“My take on the day; my favourite thing was the forensics and analysing the bones and trying to match up the identity behind the bones. I also liked the blood grouping and seeing the reactions occur and trying to figure out the groups and whether they are positive or negative.” - Anonymous
“This was so wonderful! All the explanations in the sessions were really fabulous. I feel lucky that I came here because I got to know things I was unaware of. Got more choices of what I can do in the future. Everyone was so helpful and friendly. I think I might come to this Uni. Thanks for today.” - Prachi
“It was a very good opportunity to look at a different route of science. And to add experience in our future careers.” - Marian & Stefania


The College of Medicine at Gulf Medical University

The College of Medicine at Gulf Medical University (GMU) in Ajman, UAE, celebrated Biomedical Science Day on May 6, 2024. This event, orchestrated by the enthusiastic leadership of final-year students Serene Regi John and Shaniya Michaelanto Stumen, marks a groundbreaking venture for GMU and signifies the global reach and influence of biomedical science.


Under the guidance of Dr. Preetha Jayasheela Shetty, Director of the Biomedical Science Programme, the event featured an engaging and educational itinerary that underscored the significance of various courses within the biomedical science curriculum. The audience was treated to interactive poster presentations, captivating kiosks, and a variety of entertaining games and activities, all designed to promote a deeper understanding of biomedical science.


The IBMS Stall

A highlight of the event was the IBMS stall, which detailed the process of accessing e-student membership and the numerous benefits it offers, including professional development resources and networking opportunities. 


Interactive games such as ping pong and Kahoot, which featured medical trivia with prizes, drew in many participants. 


The stall also highlighted the career outcomes for graduates of the BBMS program, sharing insights into their employment and further studies, including rotations at King's College Hospital London in Dubai, where students performed complex blood bank procedures.

Community Service and Practical Skills

A commitment to community service was prominently featured over the course of the event. GMU students shared their volunteering experiences during events like World Diabetes Day at Sharjah Police HQ and Al Hikmah School, where students recorded essential health metrics and provided personalised lifestyle and preventive health advice. 

An educational trip to the Ajman Municipality Food Lab was another significant experience, where students observed microbiology and chemical analysis laboratory operations, gaining insights into food safety procedures, including microbial contamination tests and chemical composition analysis using techniques like HPLC and chromatography.

Research and Leadership

The students at the Centre of Academic Integrity UAE demonstrated leadership and advocacy skills, resulting in Gulf Medical University's nomination for the 'Champions of Integrity' Campus award. Their internship at the Thumbay Research Institute of Precision Medicine also offered hands-on experience in cutting-edge cancer biology research, enhancing their preparation for future challenges in the biomedical field.

Engaging Stalls and Interactive Activities

From the Introduction to Biomedical Science, Histology, Cell Biology, Human Developmental Biology, and Anatomy stalls to the detailed demonstrations in Microbiology, Cancer Biology, Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, Pathology, Molecular Biology, and Neurology, the event was a comprehensive showcase of the biomedical science field. Each stall featured engaging activities and interactive presentations that captivated and educated the attendees, highlighting the diverse and promising aspects of biomedical science.

Let's take a closer look at some of these fascinating stalls:

Year One:


Histology Stall


Cell Biology Stall


Human Developmental Biology Stall

The HDB (human developmental biology) stall aimed to raise awareness about an alternative route for biomedical science graduates.


Microbiology Stall


The microbiology stall was particularly striking with a blue theme, working to represent the depths of the microbial world. Their banner featured blue balloons with illustrations of various microbes, creating an atmosphere of discovery and curiosity. 

They also featured a number of food items, each with a microbiological twist:

  • Chocolate, Coffee, and Pistachio Flavoured Agar: A nod to the growth medium used in microbial cultures, these popular treats were offered to guests, symbolising the diverse flavours that microbes contribute to our food.
  • Chocolate Cupcakes and Cake Balls: Topped with bacteria-shaped fondant, these cupcakes were not only delicious but also served as an edible education on microbial shapes. The cupcakes and Cake balls were the crowd favourites.
  • Homemade Flavoured Yoghurt: Strawberry and blueberry yoghurts highlighted the role of beneficial bacteria in food fermentation.
  • Charcuterie Cups: A savoury end to the microbial feast.

Anatomy Stall Report


Anatomy Cancer Biology Stall

Maryam states, “My goal with these displays was to try to capture visitors' attention, hopefully ending up with them gaining a little bit more knowledge about this deadly yet fascinating disease.”2

Forensic Medicine and Toxicology Stall


final“Step right up to the forensics medicine stall where you'll uncover the chilling details of a murder mystery!” 

As the audience approaches, the air is filled with anticipation and curiosity. Jolynar the storyteller starts off giving a background on the case.

Jolynar's peaceful nighttime jog turned into a chilling encounter when she stumbled upon a lifeless body in the park, prompting her to quickly call for help. The arrival of emergency responders marked the beginning of a grim investigation into a man's untimely death. 


Once all the evidence was presented, the audience is then asked to guess the cause of death. With the dead body being revealed at the end, Jolynar revealed that the cause of death was strangulation. She explained different types of asphyxiation and finally the presentation ended with a big reveal of the murder weapon (charging wire) and the case report.

Pathology Stall


1Students conceived the concept of establishing a "Pathology Museum," aimed at showcasing a diverse array of pathological and histopathological samples. Their objective was to provide attendees with an immersive experience, guiding them through these specimens with captivating and informative presentations.







Molecular Biology Stall


The students at the Microbiology Stall wanted to showcase DNA extraction, a common procedure, using everyday household materials to educate the general public. They performed a demonstration where they mashed a banana and added salt to neutralize DNA charges, facilitating its aggregation. Detergent was used to dissolve the cell membrane and release cellular contents, while isopropyl alcohol precipitated the DNA from the solution.

Neurology Stall



Poster Presentations and Felicitation Ceremony

The event also featured a poster presentation competition, where students displayed their innovative research projects, offering attendees a glimpse into the passion and creativity driving biomedical science students. The winners of the stall and poster competitions were honoured in a special felicitation ceremony, marking a memorable conclusion to the event.


A Global Celebration of Biomedical Science

The IBMS is profoundly proud to witness institutions from outside the UK, like Gulf Medical University, actively participating in Biomedical Science Day celebrations. This global involvement highlights the universal appeal and importance of biomedical science in improving healthcare outcomes. The success of GMU's inaugural event is a testament to the collaborative spirit and shared commitment to advancing biomedical science across borders.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the organisers and participants at Gulf Medical University for their outstanding contributions and look forward to future collaborations that will continue to foster mutual growth and create impactful initiatives in the field of biomedical science.



University of the West of England, Bristol

The University of the West of England in Bristol celebrated Biomedical Science Day with a series of engaging and educational activities. The day's events featured an impressive array of over 150 student-submitted posters and talks from esteemed speakers.

Keynote Speaker

The keynote address was delivered by Dr. Nicol Caplin, a UWE alumna and Deep Space Exploration Scientist with the European Space Agency.


Oral Presentations

Six final-year BSc students were shortlisted to present their research orally, showcasing exceptional standards of academic work. The presentations were as follows:

Lloyd Morgan - Unveiling Synergy: Exploring Phage-Antibiotic Combination Therapy Against Acinetobacter baumannii (Awarded 3rd prize for oral presentation)

1Ella Rushton - Understanding Cancer Metabolism in Hypoxia (Awarded 1st prize for oral presentation)


Ilyssa Alagon - Antimicrobial and Sporicidal Activity of Selected Essential Oils Against Bacillus atrophaeus and Bacillus subtilis

Beatrice Pilgrim - An Honest Navigation of the Dissertation Journey: Insights from a Systematic Review of Topical Steroid Withdrawal Syndrome

Sofia Ashworth-Endicott - The Anti-Biofilm Activity of Thymus vulgaris Essential Oil Against Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa (Awarded 2nd prize for oral presentation)

Julide Mayer - The Impact of COVID-19 Outbreak on the Availability of Essential Medicines for Non-Communicable Diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa


These presentations highlighted the diverse and impactful research conducted by UWE students, contributing significantly to the field of biomedical science.

University Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust

Biomedical Science Day 2024 was eagerly anticipated across all of University Hospitals Birmingham. The Practice and Education Training Group aimed to build on previous years' successes, ensuring maximum involvement and enjoyment from staff across sites and disciplines.


Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Heartlands, Good Hope, and Solihull were all prepared and excited for the day's events. Training officers and departments, including Microbiology, Biochemistry, Haematology and Transfusion, Cellular Pathology, Molecular Pathology, Andrology, POCT, and Specimen Reception, meticulously planned to make this the most memorable and enjoyable BMS Day yet.

Set upOut for decorations

Training Officers arranged a Roll of Honour Awards ceremony to recognise and celebrate staff for their contributions to patient care and their professional achievements. This ceremony also acknowledged the efforts of other departments that support Pathology, such as IT specialists, Stores staff, and Domestic teams. Heroes and Celebrations chocolates were distributed to these teams as tokens of appreciation.

celebrationsSet up 2

Staff who had completed qualifications from the IBMS or other professional achievements were acknowledged and celebrated. They received certificates, engraved BMS or Specialist BMS pens, vouchers, and BMS Day Tote Bags. Each department also presented 'Outstanding Staff Recognition Awards' to both a Biomedical Scientist and a non-Biomedical Scientist. The winners of these awards received all of the above, as well as a coveted 'Super Scientist' mug, designed by a staff member’s daughter. Some departments conducted poll votes to determine the winners, sharing and receiving positive compliments throughout.

Super Scientist

The departments shared fun, food, and party vibes, giving all staff hope and enthusiasm to continue their excellent work. Around 900 staff members celebrated BMS Day in style this year.

All staff expressed their gratitude to the IBMS for funding, as well as to UHB Charities and the Health Science Faculty for their support. They also acknowledged the contributions of their military BMS staff, who were participating in D-Day Military Biomedical Science Day celebrations, recognising their vital role in Pathology.

NHS Lothian

NHS Lothian took a slightly different approach to Biomedical Science Day this year, focusing on their local service users. From June 4th to 6th, NHS Lothian opened the doors of their laboratories to colleagues working across three hospital sites: St John’s Hospital, Western General Hospital, and Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. Laboratory staff conducted tours for colleagues, showcasing the hard work carried out by NHS Lothian Laboratory Medicine. Each attendee received a goody bag containing treats, IBMS freebies, and further information about laboratory services and biomedical sciences.

In addition to the tours, NHS Lothian staff manned stalls at each hospital site. These stalls provided an opportunity for staff and the public to learn more about the professions and laboratories and participate in activities such as the 'guess how many pipette tips in the jar' game.


At the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, the largest site, each department scheduled slots at the stall, bringing props and games to attract staff and the public and share in the celebrations.

NHS Lothian also hosted a scientific poster competition for their staff. Participants created posters showcasing their specialist areas, departments, or a sample journey within their area, targeting other healthcare professionals and the general public. Sixteen posters were submitted and reviewed by a judging panel comprising representatives from NHS Lothian, IBMS, and the Scottish Government. The panel selected three winners, who received tearoom hampers to share with their departments.

Gift basket

Feedback from NHS Lothian colleagues has been overwhelmingly positive, with those who attended the event finding it to be both fascinating and eye-opening. The tours provided valuable insights into the busy laboratories, helping staff understand how to utilise the services more effectively to ensure optimal patient care.

Key figures from the event:
  • 3 days
  • 3 sites
  • 24 tours
  • 138 tour attendees
  • 42 tour guides
  • 16 posters
  • 50+ stall holders

Tour guides

NHS Lothian had a wonderful Biomedical Science Day, and look forward to opening their doors soon!


Black Country Pathology Services

Black Country Pathology Services spent their day setting up a stall in Walsall Manor Hospital, just outside the cafeteria area to promote biomedical science to staff and members of the public going through the hospital. They hired and decorated a space to house the posters, bunting and balloons which were provided in the IBMS activity pack. To make an impact on visitors, staff opted to make it look as bright and visually appealing as possible, encouraging members of the public to engage with the stall.

Black Country Pathology ServicesBlack Country Pathology Services

The communications team at Black Country Pathology Service were available to take pictures and statements from the stall throughout the day, using it to promote on their social media.

Families that were visiting loved ones in the wards came by and asked questions about the work done by biomedical scientists and how samples are processed. This gave staff a great opportunity to talk with people from non-clinical backgrounds and provide an insight to what goes on behind the laboratory doors.

Staff were also approached by school leavers and individuals at the end of their college year, stopping by to ask about the routes to becoming a biomedical scientist. Some visitors even commended the stall as "inspirational", which was refreshing to hear, especially given the effort put in by the team.

On their breaks, doctors and nurses would come to the stall, recognising names from when they would phone the laboratory. They expressed how appreciative they were of all the work done to ensure samples are processed efficiently and effectively, which aids in their treatment plans.

A senior staff member brought in some plushies of Red Blood Cells, Platelets, and White Blood Cells. These were used to describe what the blood is made up of to the younger people who approached the stall. The senior staff member also made some fake blood bags with food colouring to show what a transfusion pack of Red Cells and Plasma looks like. This was a great way to show the public the types of interesting things handled in the laboratory by biomedical scientists.

Black Country Pathology Services

The feedback received from the stall by asking members of the public at the end of the interaction about what they thought of the stall was highly positive. Some people said they were particularly impressed with the comics and booklets available, which contained detailed information and used simpler terms for people outside of the medical field to understand. The doctors and nurses loved the free pens and notebooks as they are vital parts of their day-to-day roles. The patients appreciated the treats, cakes, and drinks as they were tired from waiting around for their appointments, and a little sugary treat was enough to keep them smiling!

Black Country Pathology Services

A quiz was held for everyone to partake in to win some vouchers. Participants were asked to leave their name and a contact number so that the correct answers could be pooled, and random winners picked for the prize draw. This was a great way to get people interacting with the stall, as the questions were very informative and made them ask more questions about the answers, such as reasons for hemolysis and the volume of samples processed daily.

All in all, the stall was highly successful, working to spread awareness of biomedical scientists and what they do, as well as sharing alternate routes to becoming a biomedical scientist. The event not only educated the public but also built a sense of appreciation for the critical work done by biomedical scientists every day.

University of Portsmouth

On 10th July 2024, the University of Portsmouth celebrated Biomedical Science Day at UTC College in Portsmouth. The event was attended by two members of the university’s academic staff, one technical staff member, and two NHS Biomedical Scientists from Queen Alexandra Hospital and Chichester Hospital.

University of Portsmouth

The team set up interactive activities in the main foyer of the college building, specifically chosen for its central location and visibility. The aim was to engage as many students as possible and introduce them to the fascinating world of biomedical science.

One station provided students a hands-on experience of the sample journey for a full blood count, from phlebotomy to blood film preparation. Students even had the chance to make a blood smear using artificial blood, giving them practical insight into laboratory procedures.

University of Portsmouth

Another station focused on the sample journey of a skin specimen, from collection via a skin punch biopsy to histological processing and microscopic examination. This station helped the students to understand the meticulous work involved in diagnosing skin conditions.

University of Portsmouth

Students also had the opportunity to look at skin, bacteria, and a normal blood film under the microscope. These practical activities not only piqued their interest but stimulated questions about the biomedical science profession and the various paths to pursuing a career in the field.

University of Portsmouth

The event was a success, with students showing high levels of engagement and enthusiasm. The team from the University of Portsmouth and NHS Biomedical Scientists received positive feedback and numerous inquiries about future career opportunities in biomedical science.

Julia Holt, Head of Marketing & Admissions at UTC Portsmouth, said: 

"We are always looking for ways to show our students the range of STEM related careers that are out there, so the offer to run a series of activities for them was fantastic. It was a really popular opportunity, particularly with our Year Tens, who enjoyed finding out about study and career opportunities related to Biomedical Science."

Safi, a Year Ten student, commented:

"I found the activities engaging and interesting. Especially when we were taught how to prepare blood on a slide. It was nice to learn about a department in the NHS which I hear so much about but never knew the name for."

In light of this success, it has been agreed that the team will return to UTC College next year for Biomedical Science Day, planning to provide an even larger scale session with additional interactive activities.

Biomedical Science Day 2024 Competition Winners

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