IBMS Verifiers and Examiners: Stuart Costelloe-Ferguson

Last updated: 5th June 2024
IBMS Verifiers and Examiners: Stuart Costelloe-Ferguson

Highlighting the Vital Role of Our Expert Volunteers

This year, we are celebrating the invaluable contributions of our verifiers and examiners by highlighting the essential work they do for the profession. These dedicated professionals play a crucial role in maintaining high standards, verifying the skills of the next generation of biomedical scientists, and ensuring the continuous improvement of our field. Through their tireless efforts, they uphold the integrity and excellence that define the IBMS and the biomedical science community.

This month, we spoke to Stuart Costelloe-Ferguson, Pathology Training Manager for South of Tyne Pathology Services, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead:

  • Why did you get involved in completing IBMS verifications / examinations in the first instance?

I wanted to get more involved with the IBMS and develop my knowledge of the portfolios themselves. By understanding the expectations and requirements of the portfolio, I could then share this knowledge and expertise with students, mentors, and training officers in my department.

  • Would you say your practice or your workplace has benefited from your involvement in verifications / examinations?

Absolutely. Understanding the portfolio and IBMS expectations allows me to confidently answer questions from students and mentors, alleviating the stress from any "unknowns." Additionally, I've seen various approaches to portfolios from different students, labs, and regions, showing both the practices we can adopt or should avoid. This experience is valuable for our regional groups and has helped improve working practices in my own workplace.

  • What's your favourite thing about being an IBMS verifier / examiner?

Getting involved in verifications has allowed me to explore other laboratories, network with professionals, and build valuable relationships.

  • Would you recommend becoming an IBMS verifier / examiner to others?

Yes, I would highly recommend it. However, I suggest gaining some observational experience with verifying portfolios to understand the expectations before going it alone. I also recommend not limiting yourself to your region or aligning with a particular university. Broaden your horizons and experience the national approach to verifying—it’s been eye-opening to see the different practices and approaches everyone takes.



If you want to find out more about the eligibility criteria and download the application form to become an IBMS Verifier or Examiner click here>>>

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