Join the STEM Ambassador network

Join the STEM Ambassador network
14 November 2017
To ensure that our members who undertake public engagement are fully prepared and supported at their events promoting biomedical science, we shall be hosting STEM Ambassador training sessions in 2018.

What does being a STEM Ambassador involve?

As a STEM Ambassador, you can get involved in a wide variety of activities, all of which can have an impact on young people’s learning and enjoyment of STEM subjects, including:

  • supporting with lessons by bringing real-world problems for pupils to experience and solve
  • giving careers talks or helping at careers fairs
  • providing technical advice to teachers or practical support to STEM projects in and outside the classroom
  • helping schools make connections with employers and industry resources
  • working with governors to help improve the way STEM is delivered within a school

As part of our drive for members to become STEM Ambassadors, you will be supported to become an effective part of our public engagement network, as well as a part of the STEM nationwide volunteer scheme. STEM have learning and development opportunities and resources available that will give you the tools and inspiration you need to get the most out of the programme and to ensure you have the maximum impact on those you engage with.

Once available, further details will be made available and promoted to members on how they can sign up to become a STEM Ambassador in 2018.

More details about being a STEM Ambassador can be found at

If you are already a STEM Ambassador, please email to let us know so that we can update our database. 

IBMS Member and STEM Ambassador, Pav Jeeta (pictured left) said:

"When I talk to groups of students, it’s great to excite young people about STEM subjects and explain to them that what they are learning applies to real life.  It’s great to provide a platform where we can challenge their understanding and skills which is different to their normal learning environment.

There are lots of great benefits to becoming a STEM Ambassador including: a sense of excitement when you engage students and they genuinely become interested and ask questions, helping to make a difference in the local community, as well as developing new skills such as being able to communicate with a younger audience.  By encouraging students to ask questions it also helps students to build their self-confidence and motivation for their future."


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