Biomedical Science Day 2021

BMS Day 2021 web

Biomedical Science Day 2021 came after one of the most challenging years in our professional history

Biomedical Science Day 2021 was a well-deserved moment of celebration after a long stretch of hard work. We were overjoyed to see the celebrations of the profession across the UK. Though there were still very few laboratory tours or stands in foyers, our amazing members pulled out all the digital stops to inform the public about the biomedical science profession #AtTheHeartOfHealthcare.

This year, after gaining recognition as the profession doing the COVID-19 testing, we focused on showing the public the wider range of skills and specialisms of the profession #BehindEveryTest in the wider healthcare context. There were posts and reports from laboratories across the UK, as our members rightly celebrated their efforts to maintain services despite COVID-19.


On social media, we encouraged our members to use the hashtags #BiomedicalScienceDay2021 and #AtTheHeartOfHealthcare to promote their activities. On Facebook and Twitter, #BiomedicalScienceDay2021 was used in posts 3,666 times with 45.6k accounts sharing the posts and 13.7K liking them. 59.6K people interacted with posts using the hashtag. The potential audience reach for all posts was 12.4m. #AtTheHeartOfHealthcare was used in posts 2,754 times with 42.3K accounts sharing the posts and 12.7K liking them. 55.2K people interacted with posts using the hashtag. The potential audience reach for all posts was 9.5m.


On Instagram and TikTok, members and NHS trusts shared even more photos and videos of their celebrations, hosted live streams explaining their role and touring their lab. Members who tagged @IBMScience were included in our Instagram and Facebook story chronicling the best moments throughout the day. You can still view this story in our Instagram account under highlights.

iNews drew attention to our awareness campaign on the day and the profession received a shout out on
 BBC Radio 2 from Sara Cox.

Across the UK, communications teams in hospitals and university laboratories handed their social media accounts over to their pathology staff and allowed them to celebrate and inform their followers about the skills and expertise involved in their practice. We lost count of the amount of wonderful and informative videos and digital tours from our members who were doing social media takeovers for their Trusts and Hospitals. You can see a large collection of the photos that our members shared in our photo gallery. If you had your photo taken on the day, it's likely you will have ended up in there (or will do in the coming days).


Here are some of the most popular tweets from the day - including our opening video:

and some messages from our very own Chief Executive David Wells:

Thank you to everybody who contacted your local politicians. We had more political support than ever before - many using our messaging that we had written for our members to use. Tweets included: the Health SecretaryDr Rosena Allin-Khan MP - Tooting, Ruth Cadbury MP - MP Brentford & Isleworth, Lord Bethall, John Stevenson MP - Carlisle, Bell Ribiero-Addy MP - Streatham, Jonathan Reynolds MP – Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Oliver Heald MP - Hertfordshire, Gerald Jones MP – Merthyr Tydfil & Rhymney, Michelle Gildernew – Sinn Fein, Colm Gidernew MLAPaula Barker MP Liverpool Wavertree, Grahame Morris MP Easington, Martina Anderson MLA Sinn Fein, Northern Ireland Assembly Committee for HealthNI Dept of Health – Health Minister, Naomi Long MLA - NI Justice Minister and Dawn Bowden - Co-op Member of the Senedd for the Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney.

Major healthcare accounts also showed their solidarity with the profession: 

NHS England - 484.1K Followers

Public Health England - 491.7K Followers 


Care Quality Commission - 176.2K Followers 

Alzheimer Research UK - 83.1K Followers 


We want to take this opportunity to thank all of our members who were involved in celebrating #BiomedicalScienceDay2021. It's wonderful to see the profession #AtTheHeartOfHealthcare rise up and show everybody the expertise and value of the people #BehindEveryTest. We can't wait for next year!