Events on 4 November 2019

Quality control in serology laboratory presentation

Quality control in serology laboratory presentation, given at the IBMS London Branch Virology Discussion Group on 4th June 2019

Regional Educational Workshops 2019: The partnership of AMS & IPC – Stewarding new antimicrobials & IPC practices

Welcome to the 2019 Educational Workshop series jointly hosted by the British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (BSAC), Healthcare Infection Society (HIS) and British Infection Association (BIA). The topic this year is The partnership of AMS & IPC – Stewarding new antimicrobials & IPC practices.

Advanced Practical HPLC Course – 5 Days

To understand which HPLC column to use and why
To be confident using both normal and reverse phase columns
To know when to use a pre- and guard columns
To understand fluorescence and diode array detection methods
To be able to set up a gradient method
To determine the gradient dwell volume for a HPLC system
To analyse cations by ion chromatography
To understand different calibration methods and perform internal standard calibration
To be confident with integration results within a data system

IBMS West Riding Branch AGM

The IBMS West Riding Branch invites you to their AGM

Point of Care Testing Biopod Vol 1

The IBMS Biopod is a monthly podcast for members. Each episode will feature experts from the field discussing their research and talking about the latest developments.

National Pathology Week 2019

A week-long celebration across the UK of pathology