Events in 2021

Paediatric Antimicrobial Resistance and Stewardship

This hybrid conference which will explore the current challenges and treatment opportunities for paediatric antimicrobial stewardship. Delegates will, through plenary lectures, learn about the latest in research and development.

ICC Applications in Laboratory Practice Webinar 2021

An in-depth focus on the more advanced ICC/ISH applications currently being utilised in diagnostic cellular pathology.

International Pathology Day 2021

The College launched International Pathology Day in 2014, together with pathology and laboratory medicine institutions worldwide. It has since become a valuable platform where the contribution and achievements of pathology and laboratory medicine services that work to address global health challenges and improve the health outcomes of global communities is recognised and celebrated.

Pathology is undergoing a digital revolution. Pathologists can now engage, evaluate, and collaborate rapidly and remotely, with transparency and consistency even when separated by thousands of miles, in ways never done before.

The growth in the use of digital pathology is also paving the way for artificial intelligence (AI) to become more widely integrated. AI has the potential to help provide faster diagnoses, as well as allowing international scientists to work more collaboratively to develop their understanding of disease and diagnostics.

On the day we will hear how digital pathology has made international collaborations between developed and middle-to-lower income countries possible and what some of the real-world issues to implementing digital and AI solutions into the lab will be. The day will also examine how pathologists, scientists and medical professionals will need to learn new ways of working in different surroundings, as technology moves us deeper into a digital age.

You can also look forward to:

•Hearing from the President of the Royal College of Pathologists, Professor Mike Osborn, on his first International Pathology Day as President.
•Talks from international and UK based experts in their field
•Viewing the digital poster competition entries, which is open to new entries until Friday 22nd October 23.59 (GMT)
•Enjoying a number of lunchtime activities
•The roundtable on the topic of: Can digital pathology break down international borders?

As well as our virtual event there are freely available digital resources and ideas from our event page that make it possible to get involved anywhere in the world. The registration fee is £25.

ACBI virtual annual scientific conference

The first Association of Clinical Biochemists in Ireland (ACBI) conference to be held virtually and will provide delegates with high quality and up to date talks and workshops.

ACBI 43rd Conference

This will be an exciting opportunity to attend to sessions covering a wide variety of topics and to interact with other professionals in the laboratory medicine field.

IBMSPOD - Episode 13

Comedy, Haematology and Andrology with Dave Spikey and Sheryl Homa

Transmission Electron Microscopy Webinar 2021

An in-depth look at the role of Transmission Electron Microscopy in a modern cellular pathology department. What technical challenges are there in preparing tissue for TEM and what diagnostic challenges does TEM have an important role in.

Diagnostic Cytology Beginners / Refresher Webinar

Discussion of preparation techniques for the most commonly encountered cytology specimens. Benign cell found in these samples and the most commonly encountered malignancies.

Diagnostic Cytology Intermediate / Troubleshooting Webinar 2021

Value of BMS participation in a Fine Needle Aspiration ROSE service. How suitably experienced BMS staff can improve the diagnostic accuracy of samples obtained using radiological guidance. How this service can expand the range of diagnostic tests available to the reporting pathologist thus benefitting patient and clinicians.

Biomedical Scientist Empowerment and Discussion Group: Meeting #13, Special Requirements 2021

This group is designed for professionals to talk about the laboratory elements of Blood Transfusion. It promises to be a safe space for learning and development for newly qualified biomedical scientists and those new to transfusion science.

At this meeting, we will be joined by Specialist Biomedical Scientist, Helen Thom of NHSBT RCI. Helen will be leading an education session and discussion on blood group antibody identification.
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