Events during March 2022

Introducing Technology Seminar Tuesday 1:30pm - IBMS Congress 2022

13.30 Influenza-like-Illness testing and its importance as SARS-CoV-2 moves from pandemic to endemic Gavin Wall MSc MBA DipRCPath, Director of Medical Affairs (Infectious Diseases), QIAGEN

Introducing Technology Seminar Tuesday 1pm - IBMS Congress 2022

13.00 Introducing the PATHFASTâ„¢
- Emergency Marker High Sensitivity Troponin I assay into the Emergency Department
Ian Smith, AB Scientific

Introducing Technology Seminar Tuesday 2:30pm - IBMS Congress 2022

14.30 Data Driven Pathology Martin Wilkinson, Director of Product Introduction, Strategy and User Adoption, InterSystems

Introducing Technology Seminar Tuesday 2pm - IBMS Congress 2022

14.00 The next revolution in infectious disease testing -
integrating prognosis and diagnosis by reading the host response
Dr. Florian Uhle. Inflammatix, Associate Director Medical Affairs Europe, Pro-Lab Diagnostics

Introducing Technology Seminar Tuesday 3pm - IBMS Congress 2022

15.00 Bringing Fungal Diagnostics In-House Andrew Wood, General Manager, BioConnections

Introducing Technology Seminar Tuesday 4:30pm - IBMS Congress 2022

16.30 East Kent Hospital inactivate SARS-CoV-2 in 60secs, revolutionising their workflow processes.
Michael Dawson, Medical Wire Equipment

Introducing Technology Seminar Tuesday 4pm - IBMS Congress 2022

16.00 Quality improvement in the pre-analytical phase
Fabio Sgarabottolo, A. Menarini Diagnostics

Safety and Risk Seminar Tuesday 10:30am - IBMS Congress 2022

10.30 New ISO risk and safety standards
David Ricketts, Head of Laboratory Process Improvement, Health Services Laboratories LLP

Safety and Risk Seminar Tuesday 11:30am - IBMS Congress 2022

11.30 Rethinking transfusion safety Nicola Swarbrick, Laboratory Incident Specialist, Serious Hazards of Transfusion (SHOT)

Safety and Risk Seminar Tuesday 11am - IBMS Congress 2022

11.00 Covid-19: the safety considerations associated with diagnostic testing and the vaccine response
Vin Poran, Health and Safety Executive
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