Events in 2022

Webinar: Optimising Patient Blood Management: The Role of the Laboratory

Patient Blood Management as defined by the Society for the Advancement of Blood Management refers to "the timely application of evidence-based medical and surgical concepts designed to maintain hemoglobin concentration, optimize hemostasis and minimize blood loss in an effort to improve patient outcome".
In this webinar, we will explore the role the laboratory has in the management of this process.
Finally, will look at how VITROS® technology can help with Patient Blood Management.

IFBLS Webinar - Lessons Learned from the Pandemic

Britta Karlsson Educational Webinar Series. IFBLS (International Federation of Biomedical Laboratory Science) is pleased to announce the first event of the inaugural series of virtual webinars: Lessons Learned from the Pandemic. Our first speaker will discuss the primary methods used to identify SARS-CoV-2. Followed by a panel who will share their lessons learned as a result of providing laboratory services during this pandemic.

Serious Hazards of Transfusion (SHOT) Webinar - Highlights From The Recent National Comparative Audits of Blood Transfusion

The National Comparative Audit (NCA) of Blood Transfusion is the largest programme of clinical audits of blood transfusion in the world and is funded by NHS Blood and Transplant in England. Please join us for our webinar where the NCA team will present the findings from 3 National Comparative Audits and the SHOT team will provide insights from haemovigilance reporting:

• 2018 audit of the use of fresh frozen plasma, cryoprecipitate and transfusions for bleeding in neonates and older children – Dr Helen New
• 2019 Re-audit of the medical use of red cells – Dr Andrew Charlton
• 2021 audit of NICE Quality Standard 138 – Professor Mike Murphy and John Grant-Casey

Royal Microscopical Society Virtual Flow Cytometry Data Analysis Course Spring 2022

The course runs over four half-days, plus one optional additional Clinical Module on the following Monday. The course is suitable for those who are relatively new to flow cytometry and who wish to expand their experience with applications and specific analysis.

Emerging laboratory and point-of-care technologies for detection of AMR and bacterial infection in veterinary medicine

Veterinary microbiologists/biomedical scientists, infectious diseases specialists, epidemiologists, early career researchers, clinicians and academics interested in developing a better understanding of current and future diagnostic technologies, which can support clinical decision on antimicrobial treatment, therefore promoting antimicrobial stewardship.

IBMSPOD - Episode 16

In conversation with IBMS Chief Executive David Wells and Lorna Cleverly on animal health

IBMS Congress 2022

Delivering science, celebrating achievement

Education & Training Monday - IBMS Congress 2022

Chair: Andrew Usher
13.00 Degree laboratory placement, the success of the symbiotic relationship
Dr Sue Jones and Dr Claire Wright, York St. John University
13.30 Supporting learning using a virtual environment
Dr Andrew Pember, Carina Consulting Ltd
14.00 Recognising and supporting the role of the laboratory trainers
Dr Mike Carter, Formerly Public Health England
14.30 Too busy to train?
Victoria Moyse, HCA Healthcare
15.45 Spotting qualification fraud
Adam Crosbie, Jisc
16.15 Qualification choices: HSD v MSc Chris Ward, Institute of Biomedical Science
16.45 Opening HSST to biomedical scientists
Dr Jane Needham, IBMS Council

Quality Management Programme Monday - IBMS Congress 2022

13.00 ISO 15189 it’s all about the patient: What to expect from the new version
Dr David Ricketts, Health Services Laboratories LLP
13.30 Quality for the patient, not just for the sake of it
Shauna McAuley, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust
14.00 Learning from excellence – recognising when things go right Dr Adrian Plunkett, Learning from
Excellence, Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust
14.30 Investigation of serious incidents
– what to do when things go wrong Nigel Coles, Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust
15.45 Ensuring quality in an emergency situation
Jessica Dixon, Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
16.15 Maintaining a permanent state of readiness
John Ringrow, UKAS
16.45 Remote auditing
David Wilson, IBMS Specialist Advisor, Immunology

Cellular Pathology Programme Monday - IBMS Congress 2022

13.00 Introduction
Chantel Hodgson, UK NEQAS Cellular Pathology Technique
13.30 Upper and lower GI Christopher Irving, Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
14.15 Gynaecological case studies Kirstie Rice, Black Country Pathology Services, The Royal Wolverhampton Hospital Trust and Gary Player, University Hospital of North Durham
15.45 Skin case studies
Dr Guy Orchard, Viapath Analytics, An NHS Partnership with SYNLAB
16.15 Fluid, Respiratory, Urology case studies
Dr Behdad Shambayati, Berkshire and Surrey Pathology Services
16.45 Breast case studies
Patrick Kumah, University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust
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