Events in 2022

Safety and Risk Seminar Tuesday 10:30am - IBMS Congress 2022

10.30 New ISO risk and safety standards
David Ricketts, Head of Laboratory Process Improvement, Health Services Laboratories LLP

Safety and Risk Seminar Tuesday 11:30am - IBMS Congress 2022

11.30 Rethinking transfusion safety Nicola Swarbrick, Laboratory Incident Specialist, Serious Hazards of Transfusion (SHOT)

Safety and Risk Seminar Tuesday 11am - IBMS Congress 2022

11.00 Covid-19: the safety considerations associated with diagnostic testing and the vaccine response
Vin Poran, Health and Safety Executive

Safety and Risk Seminar Tuesday 9:30am - IBMS Congress 2022

09.30 The importance of a thorough complaints investigation
Sarah May, Deputy Chief Executive, IBMS

Safety and Risk Seminar Tuesday 9am - IBMS Congress 2022

09.00 The risk of not having a meaningful risk register
Nigel Coles, Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust

Biomedical Laboratory Support Staff Programme - IBMS Congress 2022

13.00 Leadership at all levels
13.30 Certificate of Achievement
– why take it and how it could help you
Lee Ford-Huggins, South Tees Hospitals, NHS Foundation Trust
14.00 Flying the flag for degree apprenticeships - why everyone benefits
Sheri Scott and Claudia Pearse, Nottingham Trent University
14.30 Supporting support staff to undertake CPD
Kirstie Rice, The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust and Tracey Bennett, The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust
15.00 Support staff in quality management
Elisabeth North, UKHSA and Bristol Infection Sciences Laboratory, North Bristol NHS Trust
16.00 Don’t overlook me! Recognising the skills and potential of support staff
Dr David Ricketts, Health Services Laboratories LLP
16.30 Making the most of your appraisal
Sue Alexander, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

Medical Microbiology Programme Tuesday - IBMS Congress 2022

Chair: Ian Cocking
9.00 What the future holds in Microbiology - precision AMR project Francis Yongblah, Great Ormand Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust
9.30 Narrative Authorising -an extend role for biomedical scientists
Dr Michael Simmons, Public Health Wales
10.30 Advanced Clinical Practice in Microbiology Greg Williams, Public Health Wales
11.00 Long term quality improvement in microbiology
Matt O’Dwyer, University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust
11.30 Methods for the isolation of nontuberculous
mycobacteria (NTM) from respiratory samples and the environment Prof. John Perry, Newcastle upon
Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Transfusion Science Programme Tuesday - IBMS Congress 2022

Chair: Jessica Jones
9.00 Managing
O-negative red cells in hospital transfusion laboratories
Jill Caulfield, NHSBT
9.30 Ensuring continuity of the blood supply to English hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic
Dean Neill, NHSBT
10.30 Managing hospital transfusion during a pandemic Karen Madgwick, North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust
11.00 Introduction of a new blood component Michael Wiltshire, NHSBT
11.30 Did convalescent plasma work in COVID patients?
Professor Lise Estcourt, NHSBT

UKAS Programme - IBMS Congress 2022

09.00 Pathology GIRFT: Next steps and implementing the recommendations
Dr Martin Myers, Dr Marion Wood and Tom Lewis, NHS England & Improvement
09.30 Pathology Quality Assurance Dashboard: The early years Jane Mills and Bruce Daniel, NHS England & Improvement
10.30 UKAS Update: The current challenges and opportunities
Lorraine Turner, UKAS
11.00 Accreditation to support the pandemic response- Private providers of covid 19 sampling and testing
Alyson Bryant, UKAS
11.30 Optimising UKAS Assessments
John Ringrow, UKAS

Virology Programme Tuesday - IBMS Congress 2022

Chair: Dr Alistair Gammie 9.00 New Strategies or new diseases – capacity building Laura Ryall, UK Health Security Agency
9.30 New strategies for new diseases – crowdsourcing to resolve problems Prof. Jo Martin, NHS England and NHS Improvement
10.30 Pandemic response – from zero to 1 million tests
a day. Innovation, lessons learned and legacy
Melanie Smith, National Infection Service, UK Health Security Agency
11.00 Pandemic response – impact on vaccination programme and virus resurgence
Dr Kevin Brown, UK Health Security Agency
11.30 Pandemic response and impact
– economic impact on research and scientific development
Dr Bethan Hussey, Wellcome Sanger Institute
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