Events during March 2022

Point-of-Care Testing Programme Thursday (Morning) - IBMS Congress 2022

Chair: Dr Sarah Glover
9.00 POCT in pathology networks
Lisa Vipond, Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust
9.30 How COVID-19 has accelerated the POCT landscape David Ryder, University
Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust
10.30 POCT: Benefit to users and practical outcomes for patients
11.00 POCT in the anticoagulant service Leanne Cross and Beverley Straker- Bennett, Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
11.30 Implementing and managing quality control in a multi- professional POCT team Liz Berry, North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS
Foundation Trust

Quality Management Programme Thursday (Afternoon)- IBMS Congress 2022

14.00 Ensuring quality in an emergency situation Jessica Dixon, Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
14.30 Remote auditing
David Wilson, IBMS Specialist Advisor, Immunology 15.00 Patient results – are they as accurate as they can be?
Clare Morris, National Institute for Biological Standards and Controls

Quality Management Programme Thursday (Morning)- IBMS Congress 2022

9.00 ISO 15189 it’s all about the patient: What to expect from the new version
Dr David Ricketts Health Services Laboratories LLP
9.30 Quality for the patient, not just for the sake of it Shauna McAulay, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust
10.30 Learning from excellence - recognising when things go right
Dr Adrian Plunkett, Learning from Excellence, Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust
11.00 Investigation of serious incidents
– what to do when things go wrong Nigel Coles, Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust
11.30 Maintaining quality while working from home
Gary Collins, University Hospital Crosshouse

Transfusion Science Programme Thursday (Afternoon) - IBMS Congress 2022

Chair: Katherine Philpott
14.00 Use of thromboelastography in guiding blood component/product requirements Daniella Winterburn, South Tees Hospital NHS Foundation Trust 14.30 Patient Blood Management – what does this mean? Lisa McKain, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust
15.00 British Society for Haematology information technology guidelines update Julie Staves, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Transfusion Science Programme Thursday (Morning) - IBMS Congress 2022

Chair: Anne Lockhart 9.00 Network development – staffing issues
Rashmi Rook, formerly of Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust
9.30 The challenges of multi-disciplinary staff competencies on a spoke site
Catherine Lorenzen, East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust
10.30 Major haemorrhage protocols
Dr Ric Procter, South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
11.00 Major incident plans
Karen Madgwick, North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust
11.30 Laboratory errors in Transfusion Dr Shruthi Narayan, Serious Hazards of Transfusion (SHOT)
12.45 Antibody workshop
Jill Caulfield, NHSBT and Martin Maley, University of Sunderland

Virology Programme Thursday (Afternoon) - IBMS Congress 2022

Chair: Peter Hitchcock Virus vaccines
14.00 Vaccine hesitancy – causes and effects Dr Rajeka Lazarus, University Hospital Bristol & Weston
14.30 Vaccine development and production
Tony Hitchcock, Cobra Biologics
15.00 Virus Vaccines
- SARS-CoV-2
vaccines – a regional perspective Dr Eleanor Powers, NHS England and Improvement, East of

Virology Programme Thursday (Morning) - IBMS Congress 2022

Chair: Professor Sally Culter
9.00 Water quality and public health
- tracking human viruses in the aquatic environment Dr Kata Farkas, Bangor University, Wales 9.30 Update to enterovirus infections Dr Heli Harvala, NHS Blood and Transplant, Colindale
10.30 Transfusion and Transplantation
– Update on testing strategies
Vicki Maddox, NHS Blood & Transplant
Microbiological safety of organs for transplantation
– assessing the risk– benefit balance,
Dr Ines Ishiro-Lumb, NHS Blood & Transplant
Transplantation – virology clinical case studies
Dr Stephen Pettit, Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Closing Plenary Programme - IBMS Congress 2022

The hidden dangers in the Victorian home
16.00 Dr Suzy Lishman CBE, Consultant Histopathologist and Lead Medical Examiner, North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust
It is a well-known fact that despite our safety-conscious high-tech lives, most accidents still happen in the home. However, take a moment to think back to our Victorian forefathers and the average home became a horror story of hazards and dangers. From the toxic chemicals used in cleaning and even in home remedies to the contents of paint to
the flammability of construction materials and furnishings; there is no doubt the Victorian home was an absolute death trap.
Dr Suzy Lishman CBE is our guest speaker for the Closing Plenary and will be delivering a presentation on ‘The hidden dangers in the
Victorian home’, which was also the subject of a TV documentary. This is an absolutely fascinating talk that will make sharp knives and boiling chip pans look like child’s play in comparison with what our forebears faced once behind their front doors.

HORIBA CONNECT – Enabling Better Haematology and Point of Care Diagnosis

HORIBA UK organises a webinar series on haematology and point-of-care. The sessions will be held on 29th and 31st of March and will offer participants the opportunity to discuss how to enable better diagnosis in haematology and point of care.

Day 1 is dedicated to quality control and a number of interesting haematology cases.

On day 2, the guest speakers will discuss the use of point-of-care instruments in busy departments and in the community. They will also discuss how point-of-care can improve patients pathways in acute and secondary care, and what are the key elements for an effective point-of-care governance.
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