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IBMS Scottish Quality Management Discussion Group Conference

Registration closes on 14th November


Booking is now open for the Association for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine (ACB) National Meeting

Randox Laboratories | RIQAS User Forums

Free to attend events that will discuss EQA and QC practices, with the topics covered including:
- Report Interpretation
- Serum Indices
- Point of Care Testing

Haematology and Transfusion Scotland Network (HaTS) Education Day 2022

Lectures on Haemotology and Transfusion related topics.

BBTS Annual Conference 2022

The BBTS Annual Conference offers three days of information, inspiration, and collaboration.
Tailored to the specific needs of the transfusion professional, BBTS 2022 brings together delegates from around the globe to share ideas, learn from peers and develop professional contacts.
A three-day programme of 21 sessions includes presentations, talks and workshops delivered by more than 50 speakers. In addition, delegates have the opportunity to network informally at a number of social events, including the spectacular Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony.
Over 30 exhibitors will be on hand to demonstrate products, advise on services, and answer your questions about the latest in transfusion technology and products. Take advantage of the opportunity to meet potential new partners and learn about cutting edge developments within the field.

British Society for Medical Mycology Annual Conference

56th BSMM Annual Scientific Meeting – containing a mix of clinical and basic science papers on medical mycology

Train the Trainer (TTT) and External Verifiers Training-LJMU 2022

Train the Trainer (TTT)
The TTT provides an opportunity for placement providers to learn about the University, QAA subject benchmarks, IBMS Criteria and Requirements for the Accreditation and Re-accreditation of BSc (Hons) Applied Biomedical Science, HCPC Standards of Education and Training, Preparation for Placement, Supervision Skills for Laboratory Training Officers, Portfolio Peer Review session, Annual Placement Feedback Session, Programme Specification Template, Module Specification Templates, Procedures for approval by the University of a laboratory as a placement provider, Placement Handbook, Verifier Training, Guidance on the use of the University website etc.
External Verifiers:
To understand the requirement needed to become a LJMU verifier in line with the IBMS criteria.
To understand the process and outcomes of the verification process.
To understand the relevance of the HCPC SoPs as they relate to the registration portfolio
To review student portfolios in the required time frame Reflection Topics
Discuss the different types of evidence found in the student portfolios
Evaluate the verification process and how to implement it.
To keep up to date with new changes in IBMS and HCPC SoPs and how it affects LJMU verifiers

Pathology Matters 2022

Bringing BMS and pathologists together to discuss current issues and challenges, this is the perfect chance to connect with peers and learn the latest developments in oncology diagnostics. Brought to you by Roche.

British Association of Cytopathology ASM 2022

The ASM will take place on Saturday 17 September 2022 at Guy’s Hospital, London.

The theme for the meeting is How to avoid the common pitfalls in cytopathology

1. Ideal preparation for the RCPath and IBMS examinations
2. Hands on, microscopy-based workshops facilitated by tutors

Flow Cytometry Course - 2022

This course is aimed at both life science and clinical science fields, with the common fundamentals covered on day 1 and 2. The course then splits into life science and clinical orientated modules, from practical demonstrations to lectures highlighting not just the applications, but best practice as well.
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