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IBMSpod - Episode 5

In March's edition of IBMS POD, we ask how can biomedical scientists manage worry, anxiety and stress and boost mental wellbeing in the midst of the pandemic?

Pub-less Healthcare Science Pub Quiz!

As part of Healthcare Science Week 2021, this is an event to give healthcare scientists a chance to have a night of fun and relax.

Sock the Puppet

Celebrating Healthcare Science Week 2021, join us for a story about Socks, Science, Superbugs and Making Friends, narrated by Stephanie Houtman (Peppa Pig Live).

How to Reflect - 2020

If you struggle to reflect and write reflectively, come along to our session to learn approaches that may help.

Laboratory Approval Q & A

The laboratory approval process will be de-mystified

IBMS Support Hub - Student Support

Student discussion on the IBMS processes

COVID-19 Variants of Concern webinar

The Office of the Chief Scientific Officer will be hosting its next webinar for healthcare science staff and will focus on the different COVID-19 variants and the implications of new variants on vaccination, testing and the overall spread of the virus.

IBMS Support Hub - Evidence Workshop

Find out what makes good evidence and how to best present evidence in training portfolios.

IBMS Support Hub - Training Officers and Candidates

Support for training officers and candidates and sharing best practices.

Non-accredited Degree Assessment Talk

Discuss the IBMS non-accredited degree assessment process.

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