'Become a biomedical scientist' project launch

'Become a biomedical scientist' project launch
8 August 2023
We oversee four routes to HCPC registration as a biomedical scientist and have released four videos to raise awareness


We have now officially launched our 'become a biomedical scientist' awareness campaign.

By sharing valuable information about how to become a biomedical scientist through highly targeted social media advertising, we aim to inform young people across the country about the IBMS route to Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) registration as a biomedical scientist that is relevant to them.

By doing this we are also hoping to alleviate workforce pressures in clinical healthcare laboratories across the UK - where it has become increasingly difficult to hire the right staff at the right level. 

We think it’s important to help every person who wants to become a biomedical scientist to take the necessary steps towards their goal, understand the need for those steps and realise that the HCPC’s Standards of Proficiency are fair and in place for the benefit of public health.

By informing students, trainees, graduates and young professionals about the relevant IBMS routes to HCPC registration, we want every potential biomedical scientist to know that there is an achievable route available to them. 

Below, you can watch all four of our videos which each highlight an IBMS route to registration. For each of the four routes, we have also made a 10 second edit that will be used for highly targeted social media advertising campaigns.

Help spread the word

To support our campaign you can use the link on each video below to share on social media. The first video is for those at the start of their biomedical science journey.

1. IBMS Accredited degree with integrated IBMS Registration Training Portfolio>>

For more information on this route>>>

2. IBMS Accredited degree (without completion of the IBMS Training Portfolio)>>

For more information on this route>>>

3. Non-Accredited degree (followed by top ups and the IBMS Registration Training Portfolio)>>

For more information on this route>>>

4. IBMS Certificate of Competence by Equivalence>>

For more information on this route>>>

The above links are those on our website. However, our publicity campaigns will be directing our key audiences to a landing page designed to correlate with our printed materials and the animations in the campaign videos. You can find the campaign by using the QR code below:


Our commitment to our members

The IBMS is run by its members for its members so it’s important to us that our membership know that their concerns are also our concerns. On their behalf, we strive to ensure that the biomedical science profession is functioning and fit for purpose in society. This means influencing policy and decision making at high and influential levels, but it also means developing grassroots campaigns like this one.

While it is every individual’s own responsibility to inform themselves and make their own decisions when embarking on their career, as a professional body we have a greater responsibility to enable our future members to make the right choices at the right moments in their lives. It’s also our goal to serve our current members as quickly and as providently as possible – helping to make sure that it’s easier for them to hire the right staff for the right role at the right time.

In the long term, our 'Become a biomedical scientist' campaign will help to alleviate some of the issues our members are facing with staffing and workforce retention so please take the time to share these videos on behalf of the biomedical science profession.
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