Free training support for returning scientists

Free training support for returning scientists
22 April 2020
Free COVID-19 return to practice course now CLOSED

Ian Davies, Senior Lecturer in Biological and Biomedical Science at Staffordshire University, has developed a COVID-19 Return to Practice course. The new Institute approved online training package guides staff returning to practice through their regulatory responsibilities, ensuring they and their patients are protected from harm. 

Ian commented:

The unprecedented circumstances surrounding this pandemic mean that the job that they are returning to is probably very different from the one they retired from – this course brings them up to speed with some of these challenges. For example, new testing methods, operating with personal protective equipment, and helping their colleagues to change their scopes of practice. It also provides them with support for their own mental health and wellbeing, and how to use their experience to lead newer members of their teams.

IBMS Chief Executive Jill Rodney offers this message of support to those joining the temporary register: 

I want to thank you for deciding to return to practice or, if you are a student joining the temporary register for the first time, stepping up to practice. The COVID-19 pandemic is stretching laboratories to capacity across the UK so your skills and expertise are needed and extremely welcome.

Healthcare workers have been going above and beyond since December to fight this pandemic so no doubt many of the people you meet in the laboratories will be working under great pressure but they are also constantly surprising us with spirited and generous displays of solidarity. By joining them you will help with the challenges we are all dealing with at this time.

Never in peacetime has biomedical science had such a central role in combating a national or global crisis and you should be proud that you are part of this vital endeavour. 

All eyes are on us – hoping we can keep pace with the number of tests needed while maintaining service for everybody else – but we are rising to the challenge. With your help, and others like you, we will be able to get the UK’s sick, vulnerable and, of course, our frontline colleagues through this.

Thank you for your personal commitment at this important time, your contribution is greatly appreciated.
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