IBMS responds to Infected Blood Inquiry

IBMS responds to Infected Blood Inquiry
20 May 2024
Our commitment to patient safety and professional standards is reinforced in light of the inquiry’s final report

We remain deeply concerned by the revelations and outcomes of the Infected Blood Inquiry. Launched in 2017 to investigate the circumstances around people being given infected blood and blood products through the NHS, particularly since 1970, the inquiry has now published its final report.

As the leading professional body for biomedical scientists and healthcare laboratory staff, our commitment remains steadfast to uphold the highest standards of service and patient safety.  The tragic consequences of the infected blood scandal are a stark reminder of the critical importance of well-trained staff, stringent safety protocols and the continuous need for advancements in medical research and practices to ensure services are safe and effective. Our thoughts are with the victims and their families who have endured unimaginable suffering due to these historical treatment failures.

IBMS Chief Executive David Wells comments:

We are profoundly saddened by the stories of those affected by the contaminated blood scandal. This tragedy highlights the urgent need for vigilance, transparency, and progress in our field.

The IBMS continues to support our members in delivering excellence in healthcare through robust professional standards and continuous education. We advocate for systems and policies that prioritise patient safety above all, ensuring such disasters are never repeated."

The IBMS continues to support our members through ongoing education and professional development, ensuring they are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills to prevent such failures in the future. We are dedicated to collaborating with healthcare leaders, policymakers, and all stakeholders to foster an environment where scientific advancements and ethical practices go hand-in-hand with public health safety.

With the release of the final report from the inquiry, the IBMS is prepared to actively participate in discussions on improving regulations and standards to safeguard patient health. We will review the recommendations and ensure the IBMS supports those providing diagnostic and treatment services, thereby enhancing patient outcomes. We stand ready to contribute to meaningful changes that will enhance the integrity of biomedical science and healthcare.

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