IBMS Supports Scotland's Healthcare Science Strategy

IBMS Supports Scotland's Healthcare Science Strategy
2 April 2024
The IBMS welcomes and offers full support for Scotland's comprehensive strategic plan to advance healthcare science.

The strategy outlined in Healthcare Science in Scotland: Defining Our Strategic Approach demonstrates a profound commitment to patient-centred healthcare and resonates with the IBMS's own Long Term Biomedical Scientist Workforce Plan.

IBMS Chief Executive David Wells commented:

"Scotland's clear vision prioritises safe, effective, and equitable healthcare services for all. We recognise the essential role biomedical scientists play in delivering such care and are committed to supporting this ambitious plan."

With 1,928 members in Scotland, representing 9.44% of IBMS's membership, biomedical scientists comprise the largest cohort making up almost 30% of the Scottish healthcare science workforce.

IBMS President Joanna Andrew said:

"As IBMS President, I'm proud to see Scotland lead the way in recognising the enormous contributions of biomedical scientists. This plan echoes our priorities and creates opportunities to elevate our profession."

The IBMS is uniquely positioned to support the objectives outlined in the strategy, including:

  • Better access to careers in Biomedical Science:
    the IBMS will work with partners to create more accessible pathways into the profession, attracting the next generation of healthcare science talent.

  • Advanced Practice:
    the IBMS will promote opportunities for career progression and advanced practice roles for biomedical scientists, ensuring they have the skills to innovate and meet evolving healthcare needs.

  • Innovation & Technology:
    the IBMS will champion the integration of cutting-edge technologies and support biomedical scientists leading the way in diagnostics and research.

The IBMS stands ready to collaborate with the Chief Scientific Officer for Scotland and all our Scottish colleagues and members, offering expertise and resources to support this groundbreaking plan. Together, we can shape a future where healthcare science drives innovation and delivers optimal outcomes for the people of Scotland and across all four nations.

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