IBMS Verifiers and Examiners: Jadranka Vidak

IBMS Verifiers and Examiners: Jadranka Vidak
1 March 2024
This Year, we're celebrating the amazing contributions of our verifiers and examiners and asking them about the vital work they do on behalf of the profession


  1. What is your name, job role and where do you work?

My name is Jadranka Vidak, I am a Senior BMS in Diagnostic Cytopathology and Health and Safety Lead for Cellular Pathology - North West London Pathology - Hosted by Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, Charing Cross Hospital, London.

  1. Why did you get involved in completing IBMS verifications / examinations in the first instance?

I undertook IBMS training to become both a Registration Portfolio Verifier and a Specialist Diploma Examiner driven by a desire for professional development and a sincere commitment towards advancing the biomedical science profession. The opportunity to witness the growth and achievement of individuals, combined with the potential for networking and collaboration with professionals from diverse backgrounds, served as powerful motivators for my initial involvement. My continued participation reflected a genuine passion for propelling the field forward and investing in the success of emerging professionals.

  1. Would you say your practice or your workplace has benefited from your involvement in verifications / examinations?

My workplace has experienced tangible benefits through the presence of trained portfolio verifiers and examiners. Their expertise has not only elevated the overall quality of the verification and examination processes but has also contributed to a more efficient and effective workflow. The commitment to training in this capacity has positively impacted the professional development of individuals and enhanced the overall competency of the team, fostering a culture of excellence within the workplace.

  1. What's your favourite thing about being an IBMS verifier / examiner?

Guiding candidates through examinations and verification processes is not only a responsibility but a source of personal gratification as I witness their growth and achievement. Moreover, the experience is enriched by networking and interacting with verifiers and examiners from diverse backgrounds. This dynamic environment offers a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and foster collaboration, contributing to the continuous improvement and innovation in the biomedical science profession.

  1. Would you recommend becoming an IBMS verifier / examiner to others?

Yes, I wholeheartedly recommend pursuing a role as an IBMS verifier or examiner. This opportunity not only offers invaluable professional development but also provides extensive education and training for individuals in this field. By actively engaging with IBMS as a verifier or examiner, you contribute significantly to the advancement and quality assurance of the biomedical science profession. Embracing this role not only enhances your expertise but also positively impacts the broader healthcare landscape.


If you want to find out more about the eligibility criteria and download the application form to become an IBMS Verifier or Examiner click here>>>

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