IBMS Verifiers and Examiners: Paul Chenery

IBMS Verifiers and Examiners: Paul Chenery
12 April 2024
This Year, we're celebrating the amazing contributions of our verifiers and examiners and asking them about the vital work they do on behalf of the profession


  1. What is your name, job role and where do you work?

Paul Chenery, Head of Quality, Training & Strategic Improvement, Cellular Pathology Nottingham University Hospitals

  1. Why did you get involved in completing IBMS verifications / examinations in the first instance?

I remember that anticipation/nerves of awaiting the verifications and examinations during my training and thinking that I would like to be involved so I could create an environment which ensured trainees felt relaxed and performed at their best during the assessment.

  1. Would you say your practice or your workplace has benefited from your involvement in verifications / examinations? 

Absolutely, there is nothing better than having peer to peer conversations and observing how other trusts approach the same qualification.  It is the perfect opportunity for shared learning which ultimately drives us all to raise the standard produced.  Pathology never stands still, so neither should the standard expected from our trainees.  It is our responsibility as verifiers and examiners to drive change and improvement across all disciplines.

  1. What's your favourite thing about being an IBMS verifier / examiner?

Delivering the good news.  For many the verification/examination is the culmination of months/years of hard work and education.  When a successful outcome is delivered, you can physically see all of the anticipation, stress, worry and pressure leave the trainee.  It is the conversation following this which is the most enjoyable, passing on the commendations with discussion on the future possibilities for the individual.

  1. Would you recommend becoming an IBMS verifier / examiner to others?

Yes.  Personally and professionally it has helped shape the trainer I am today, along with the training standards expected of my trainees.  Every verification/examination generates new ideas to bring to local practice.  On a basic level it’s also a great CPD opportunity.




If you want to find out more about the eligibility criteria and download the application form to become an IBMS Verifier or Examiner click here>>>

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