Biomedical Science Day as it happened

Biomedical Science Day as it happened
8 June 2023
Biomedical Science Day live: A round-up of all the activities that took place throughout the day


Relive the excitement of Biomedical Science Day 2023 with our live blog from the day -


It's Biomedical Science Day!

Join us throughout the day as we post a live report from events taking place to celebrate the world's largest biomedical science awareness campaign. 

You can now view all the photos for Biomedical Science Day in our Facebook gallery here>>

 - IBMS wraps up the day - thanking everyone for taking part and linking to the big gallery of images

 histopathology @NNUH dress up as characters from our Superlab comic

 - Great Ormond Street band together to promote #IBMSPride

6:32pm - IBMS President Debra Padgett gives a quick update on the House of Lords meeting

15.55 -Andrea Johnson with a great idea for engaging with people 
15.30 - More from the House of Lords event as IBMS President Elect Joanna Andrew tweets
15.00 - UKHSA tweet their support
14.55 - Biomedical Scientist of the Year Ian Davies posts from outside Parliament 
14.50 - A great way to share the Sample Journey videos
14.15 - The flags have been used to great effect again this year 
14.00 - Another politician shows their support 
13.00 - Lord Bethell kick-starts our Biomedical Science Day event at the House of Lords
11.55 - It's not Biomedical Science Day without cake :)
11.25 - What would a world be like without Biomedical Science? - Imagine no longer thanks to Rob at Redactive

11.00 - Big shout out to central reception teams across the UK
10.00 - Thanks from NHS England
09.45 - Say it loud and proud "Behind every test is a biomedical scientist"
09.00 - thank you Chris Wilson!
08.52 - Biomedical Science Day reaches new heights - a message of support on the BT Tower
08.37 - A message from IBMS President Debra Padgett
08.24 - Wow this is amazing! 


08.15 - our first entry to the Best Biomedical Science Video competition



07.10 - we start the day with a lovely post from our colleagues AAPT 
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