"The Plan for HealthTech" by ABHI

"The Plan for HealthTech" by ABHI
8 May 2024
ABHI releases their manifesto: exploring key innovations and strategic initiatives in the UK's HealthTech landscape

The Association of British HealthTech Industries (ABHI) has published a strategic manifesto, "The Plan for HealthTech," aiming to advance the UK's HealthTech sector.

Key Points of Interest

The manifesto holds relevance for stakeholders in healthcare and biomedical science, with two key segments of interest to IBMS members:

  1. Professionalise Innovation and Adoption (Point 2): ABHI proposes enhancing the management and integration of new HealthTech innovations within the NHS. This includes the appointment of Chief Innovation Officers at board levels and protecting time for innovation in clinical schedules.
  2. Accelerate Early Diagnosis (Point 8, Section C): The plan emphasises advancing early diagnosis through the expansion of digital diagnostics and genomic testing. This effort aims to improve the accuracy and timeliness of diagnoses, which is essential for effective treatment and patient care.

IBMS Support for ABHI's Vision

IBMS recognises the importance of these initiatives in fostering a robust HealthTech environment that not only supports our current healthcare needs but also prepares us for future challenges.

We express our general support for ABHI's objectives, particularly in areas where our professional interests intersect, such as in promoting innovation and improving diagnostics in biomedical science.

Importance for IBMS Members

For our members, understanding the scope and direction of ABHI's manifesto will help to grasp the broader trends and opportunities within the HealthTech landscape. The outlined points offer a glimpse into future developments that could influence our work and the broader field of biomedical science.

We encourage members to review the full manifesto to better understand the potential impact on their practice and contributions to the field.

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