Events during September 2021

IBMSPOD - Episode 11

Mental health and education with Azuma Kalu, Martin Khechara and Steven Schnabel

BMS / Cytoscreener One Day Update Course in Gynaecological Cytology 2021

Allocated as Lecture/Study: 1 hrs 0 mins
Allocated as Q&A/Discussion 1 hrs 0 mins
Allocated as Practical Element 4.30 hrs 0 mins

Total 6.30 hrs 0 mins

AQMLM Zoom 15: “The Future of COVID-19 Testing”

One hour Zoom meeting led by an expert in COVID-19 testing

Introduction to Immunocytochemistry Webinar 2021

“From sectioning to interpretation”, a simple overview of the basic ICC processes.

National Blood Transfusion Committees: Rolling programme of virtual education: Pre-hospital blood transfusion

In response to social distancing requirements and the on-going uncertainty of the recommencing of face-to-face meetings, the national blood transfusion committee (NBTC) approved a proposal for regional transfusion committees (RTC) to work together to produce a rolling programme of virtual education sessions accessible nationally.

This session will be on ‘pre-hospital blood transfusion’ and the on-going work as part of the RePhill trial. The principal objective of this trial is to investigate the clinical effectiveness of pre-hospital blood products (PHPB) resuscitation compared to the current standard care of restricted crystalloid-based resuscitation in participants suffering from major traumatic haemorrhage.

Amyloid Webinar 2021

In order to detect and identify amyloid, biopsy slides must be properly prepared, stained and examined. This requires precise technique, correct equipment and professional expertise, or amyloid deposits may be missed or incorrectly diagnosed. We will look at amyloid staining, correctly diagnosing amyloid in tissues and the associated laboratory techniques.

Follow Up Course in Gynaecological Cytology 2021

Allocated as Lecture/Study: 4 hrs 0 mins
Allocated as Q&A/Discussion 9 hrs 0 mins
Allocated as Practical Element 17hrs 0 mins

Total 30 hrs 0 mins