Events in 2021

ICC Technical Issues and Quality Assurance Webinar

An in-depth focus on the recognition and prevention of technical issues that occur in ICC, and guidance on ways to ensure ICC quality in diagnostic cellular pathology.

IBMSpod - Episode 3

IBMSPOD Episode 3 - with President-elect Debra Padgett & Kip Heath

ICC Applications in Laboratory Practice Webinar

An in-depth focus on the more advanced ICC/ISH applications currently being utilised in diagnostic cellular pathology.

NHSBT meeting

Meeting #4 - Antibody Identification.
A meeting for newly qualified Biomedical Scientists and those who are new to Transfusion Science.

SHOT webinar

Avoidable, Delayed or Under/ Overtransfusion (ADU) Highlights Webinar

IBMSPOD - Episode 4

In February’s edition of IBMSpod, we delve into the fascinating speciality of Toxicology.

Power of Process Master

An online learning program consisting of 24 hrs e-learning and 8 hrs facilitated learning, delivered over four weeks. The purpose of the course is to equip learners with an in-depth understanding of laboratory processes, enable them to analyze laboratory performance and transform opportunities into tangible results, using advanced tools and methodologies.

Pathology and the environment

Organised by the Royal College of Pathologists and featuring IBMS Fellow Dr Alistair Gammie, this event is free to attend.

Power of Process Champion Blended Course

An online learning program which consists of 16 hours of e-learning and 8 hours facilitated learning, delivered over three weeks. The purpose of the course is to equip the learner with an in-depth understanding of laboratory processes, how it relates to laboratory performance, identify performance problems and propose corrective actions.

IFCC Global Conference on Covid-19 Diagnostics

A Virtual Scientific Event Focusing on the Critical Role of Clinical Laboratories in COVID-19 Pandemic
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