Events during October 2021

SHOT - Serious Hazards of Transfusion

Please join us for our webinar covering the principles of safe transfusion in HSCT patients, including learning from adverse event and near miss reporting to SHOT. We will include some illustrative case studies to highlight key learning points.

AQMLM Zoom 16: “The Quality Management of Serum Indices (HIL)”

One hour Zoom meeting led by an expert in the field

Biomedical Scientist Empowerment and Discussion Group: Meeting #13, Special Requirements 2021

This group is designed for professionals to talk about the laboratory elements of Blood Transfusion. It promises to be a safe space for learning and development for newly qualified biomedical scientists and those new to transfusion science.

At this meeting, we will be joined by Specialist Biomedical Scientist, Sam Connelly of Viapath. Sam will be leading an education session and discussion on blood component selection and special requirements.
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