Events during July 2022

IHN-SHOT Symposium 2022 – Transfusion Safety: Past, Present & Future

We are elated to be planning the return of the in-person symposium! There is no substitution for the face-to-face experience, where you can reunite with friends and colleagues and engage with exhibitors. SHOT have partnered with the International Haemovigilance Network to hold The Annual SHOT Symposium 2022. The event will run from 6-8 July 2022 in Brighton. The theme of the event will be ‘Transfusion Safety: Past, Present and Future’. We look forward to seeing you there!

IAC/BAC Tutorial 2022 - An Algorithmic Approach to Limited Tissue Samples

One of the biggest challenges we face in the current era of personalized medicine, is to be able provide state of the art patient care on small biopsy specimens with limited cellularity.

The tutorial faculty will discuss salient morphology, pitfalls, and incorporation of ancillary studies and lay out an algorithmic approach to diagnosis with the judicious use of immunohistochemical panels and biomarker testing for prognostication and management.

Trauma & Coagulopathy

Haematology and Trauma Group Webinar
Trauma and Coagulopathy

The Genomic & Microbiology Revolution: In Technology, we Trust ? 2022

A day spent looking at genomics and their role in clinical microbiology. The focus of this meeting is on the latest genomic trends that are currently becoming available in the field of clinical microbiology. The opportunity to listen to leading experts and the latest opinions on current genomic development.
The chance to interact with commercial companies and see the latest technology available on the market.

Tissue recognition in Histopathology

This course is aimed at Biomedical Scientists preparing for their specialist portfolios and working in histopathology departments involved in the preparation of routine histological sections.
The course may also be useful for support staff involved in section preparation and quality control.
The course aims to teach recognition of a range of tissues and how knowing these can impact on patient quality. The afternoon session will aim to link what has been learned to consequences for the lab and patient management.

Meet the ambassador

An Abbott representative will give an overview of the Abbott laboratory processes.