Events in 2024

Tissue Preparation Techniques Webinar 2024

This webinar introduces the selection and use of appropriate fixatives for sample preparation, the rationale of tissue selection, processing and embedding procedures and theory, including performing decalcification, and the use of a microtome for tissue section preparation. Utilises presentations, and discussion-based sessions.

Introduction to Immunocytochemistry Webinar 2024

This webinar provides a basic introduction and training in the theory and practice of ICC. Delegates will acquire the knowledge to recognise and assess ICC stained sections used in diagnostic Cellular Pathology. Utilises presentations, hands on and discussion-based sessions.

Troubleshooting AB / PAS / DPAS Staining Focussed Webinar

This one-hour focused webinar will include the following subject matter that covers both staining techniques:
- Brief discussion of the types of tissue elements demonstrated and their clinical significance
- An outline of the staining chemistry principles
- An outline of the UK NEQAS CPT expected optimal staining criteria
- Discussion of how failures in the protocol steps affect optimal staining performance
- Presentation of data derived from UK NEQAS CPT assessments
- Discussion of how to avoid or troubleshoot the most common staining problems
An outline of possible quality measures suitable for monitoring performance

Microbe 2024

Sheffield MICROBE Committee is pleased to invite delegates to The Crowne Plaza Hotel - Sheffield. Book your place now to avoid disappointment!

ICC Technical Issues and Quality Assurance Webinar 2024

This webinar provides an in-depth focus on the recognition and prevention of technical issues that occur in ICC, and guidance on ways to ensure ICC quality in diagnostic Cellular Pathology.

Introduction to Cellular Component, Tissue Morphology & Tissue Recognition Webinar-2024

This webinar and associated microscope workshop, introduces the four basic tissue types: epithelial tissue, connective tissue, muscle tissue, and nervous tissue, and provides basic knowledge and competence in the microscopic recognition of normal histological tissue and some key aspects of pathological tissue. Utilises presentations, hands on and discussion-based sessions.

Data Review, Trending and Improvement Focussed Webinar

This focussed webinar discusses the importance of constant review of data collected during audit and day-to-day work activities, to look for trends and subsequently ensure continuous improvement.

ICC / ISH Applications Utilised in Diagnostic Cellular Pathology Webinar

This webinar provides a focus on the more advanced ICC/ISH applications currently being utilised in diagnostic Cellular Pathology. Delegates will acquire the knowledge on the use of routine diagnostic ICC and drug aligned companion diagnostic assays used Utilises presentations, and discussion-based sessions.

ROSE Service Focussed Webinar 2024

This webinar will discuss how a ROSE service can be set up to be of value to reporting Pathologists, Clinicians and, most importantly, the patient.

Cell Block Preparation Focussed Webinar 2024

This webinar will cover the most commonly used methods available for preparation of cell blocks from cytology samples.
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