Medical Mycology – A 2 Day Practical Course

2 day practical course on identification of pathogenic fungi of clinical importance

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8th - 9th January 2020
Venue: Leeds Beckett University

Practical training on identification of dermatophytes and causes of superficial disease, Aspergillus, mucoraceous moulds and a range of less common fungi. At least 30 moulds are covered.

At the end of the course, participants should:

  • be familiar with making preparations for observing microscopic morphology of moulds
  • have observed and recorded the colonial and microscopic appearance of all the cultures listed above
  • be able to identify the most common dermatophytes and the most common species of Aspergillus
  • have seen several of the more unusual clinically relevant moulds


Event contact details

Dr Ruth Ashbee Telephone: 07532 307357