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IBMSpod - Episode 3

IBMSPOD Episode 3 - with President-elect Debra Padgett & Kip Heath

NHSBT meeting

Meeting #4 - Antibody Identification.
A meeting for newly qualified Biomedical Scientists and those who are new to Transfusion Science.

Pathology and the environment

Organised by the Royal College of Pathologists and featuring IBMS Fellow Dr Alistair Gammie, this event is free to attend.

Microbiology Society Annual Conference Online 2021

Annual Conference Online 2021 has been designed as a digital version of the Society’s flagship annual meeting whose symposia and activities are designed to achieve the same scientific and networking objectives. The event is designed to cover the breadth of microbiology research and its comprehensive scientific programme has a great range of sessions taking place over five days in a range of formats. In addition, the conference will host a series of sessions designed to enhance their professional skills in microbiology.

The IHC Network’s 1st Virtual Meeting: MMR Testing

MMR Testing in Endometrial Cancer - Dr Laura Casey, Consultant Histopathologist, Barts Health

MMR Testing in Colorectal Cancer- Dr Manuel Rodriguez-Justo, Consultant Histopathologist (GI Pathology Lead), UCLH.

MMR Control Material - Colin Tristam, Director HistoCyte Laboratories LTD.

IBMSpod - Episode 2

In the second instalment of IBMSpod, leading virologist and Fellow Dr Sarah Pitt chats to Rob & Jordan about what’s it’s been like to be an expert in the media spotlight throughout the pandemic. Later, she explains the science behind the new COVID-19 vaccines.

In Lablife, Helen is joined by Googlebox TV Star and Senior Biomedical Scientist Umar Siddiqui.

IBMS London Region webinar

The IBMS London Region invites you to our virtual meeting.

IBMS Registration Portfolio Workshop - 02/06/2021

The workshop has been tailored to enhance your understanding of the IBMS Registration Portfolio requirements, from the perspectives of both the trainee and the trainer. It will help you recognise and select appropriate evidence for inclusion, offer constructive feedback to students who are completing a portfolio and provide greater insight into the verification process and follow-up for IBMS membership and HCPC registration.

SARS-CoV-2 Immune Responses: our current understanding

A webinar presentation by Dr Adrian Heaps, Consultant Clinical Scientist in Immunology at Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle.

Train the Trainer - 23/07/2021

A daylong short course aimed at current or prospective trainers in diagnostic laboratories.
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