NPIC Digital Pathology Seminar Series – Quality in Digital Pathology – Session Two

- The National Pathology Imaging Co-Operative (NPIC) is excited to present a brand new FREE 8 part educational webinar series on digital pathology. - Learn first-hand about hot topics in clinical digital reporting, the digital laboratory, IT and informatics and get a chance to pose your questions to the experts.

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9th September 2022
Venue: Virtual event – Teams Webinar,iScjNmm1VkWZdv4CAKISOg,W8r1arBqaE6M695UEaO_XQ,cucvwsGet0aoplFWqJcN6g,KJSbn55X-Em0yGsUQdDI3Q,rvUh7VTnCEWOzMyp-asJCQ?mode=read&tenantId=37c354b2-85b0-47f5-b222-07b48d774ee3

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Clementine Hadcock Telephone: 07903011043 Event website