Events during September 2022

Tumour Assessment for Molecular Testing

As genomic testing becomes more routine for cellpath labs, there is an increased need for
assessment of the tumour content for the more complex tests in particular, in order to ensure
there is enough tumour material to ensure the test result is valid.

Tumour tissue however is mixed, usually containing both tumour and non-tumour cells. Tumours
are also heterogenous, with some areas more relevant for a given test than others. For this
reason, the region of tumour that the DNA/ RNA is extracted from must be assessed to ensure it is
suitable and contains a sufficient amount of tumour cells for genomic analysis.

This course has been developed for histopathologists, clinical scientists and biomedical scientists
involved in the selection of tumour samples for genomic testing.

Introduction to Immunocytochemistry Webinar

“From sectioning to interpretation”, a simple overview of the basic ICC processes.

Amyloid Webinar - 22nd & 23rd September 2022

In order to detect and identify amyloid, biopsy slides must be properly prepared, stained and examined. This requires precise technique, correct equipment and professional expertise, or amyloid deposits may be missed or incorrectly diagnosed. We will look at amyloid staining, correctly diagnosing amyloid in tissues and the associated laboratory techniques.

5th Cardiac Marker Dialogues Meeting - “Troponin in the real world”

Following 4 successful meetings in 2010, 2011, 2014 and 2019, Cardiac Marker Dialogues is pleased to be back with a 5th meeting. We invite you to join us on Friday 30 September at the Glasgow Grosvenor Hotel, Scotland.
In 2010 UK NEQAS for Cardiac Markers identified a requirement to initiate a dedicated meeting to educate and involve clinical scientists, biomedical scientists, clinicians and the diagnostics industry in the continuously evolving area of cardiac markers and their role in diagnosis and treatment.