Winter Laboratory Preparedness Webinar

Laboratory preparedness for SARS-CoV-2 and other Winter Respiratory Viruses

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24th September 2020

The IBMS is pleased to announce the next partnership webinar with the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC).

Join us on Thursday 24 September 2020 as we explore ‘Laboratory preparedness for SARS and other Winter Respiratory Viruses’. This webinar will inform listeners on how to validate and quality control their molecular and serology assays for the forthcoming winter respiratory virus season.

Targeted at but not limited to; Laboratory Managers and Staff, Laboratory QA Mangers and other interested industry professionals.

Time Presentation Speakers
11.30 Welcome and introduction   Jennifer Sandle, Quality Manager, Quality Assurance NIBSC

Laboratory considerations when testing for a novel and evolving virus

Overview: this talk will focus on general laboratory requirements for the forthcoming winter season.

Dr Sarah Pitt, Principal Lecturer, University of Brighton and Chief Examiner Virology, Institute of Biomedical Science 

Title: Assay calibration – how sensitive is your assay?
This session will demonstrate that the numbers are important! Whilst laboratories understand the need for validated assays, when assays that provide an output in a qualitative manner, such as many Point of Care assays for respiratory viral detection, these are often considered to be outside the realms of calibration. We frequently hear – ‘the final result isn’t a number so why calibrate?’ However, the limit of detection can vary greatly across different assays and this in turn will have an impact on the likelihood of false negative results. Using reference material calibrants of known concentration can help to understand this integral part of assay performance and contribute towards accurate patient diagnosis.

Title: Why assay kit controls are insufficient for day to day assay data monitoring.

Overview: There will be a presention explaining why kit controls themselves are not sufficient to meet the requirements of ISO15189 and also how using external controls can help in the day-to-day monitoring of an assay specifically relating to the forthcoming winter season.

Claire Morris, Senior Scientist, NIBSC / Rob Anderson, Senior Scientist, NIBSC

Title: SARS CoV-2 Antibodies-The UK NEQAS Experience.


Overview: UK NEQAS immunology, Immunochemistry & Allergy (IIA) introduced a global EQA scheme in June 2020, within a short timeframe. The aim was to support laboratories in monitoring the performance of their assays following the development and introduction of various methodologies to detect SARS CoV-2 antibodies. The presentation will review the data obtained from various assays, from over 300 participating laboratories.

Dina Patel- Scientific Director UK NEQAS Immunology 

Title: Serology assays and how best to control them.


Overview: This talk will show how participating in EQA schemes whilst important isn’t a substitute for not using run controls and how these can help with standardising serology assays. 
David Padley, Senior Scientist, NIBSC
12.40 Panel session  
13:10 Closing remarks Jennifer Sandle, Quality Manager, Quality Assurance NIBSC