Focus on POCT

Focus on POCT
5 November 2019
For National Pathology Week, we are launching the Certificate of Expert Practice in Point of Care Testing and the first episode of our podcast - Biopod

The IBMS Biopod


The IBMS Biopod is a monthly podcast for members. Each episode will feature experts from the field discussing their research and talking about the latest developments.

Episode 1 Point of Care Testing - Featuring Dr Sarah Glover and Lee Peters

With self-directed learning becoming increasingly important for staying up to date with the latest research and news and developing knowledge for the wide range of IBMS exams, the podcast is hoped to be a valuable learning and CPD resource for members.

To access the podcast please login to your MyIBMS account >> and visit

Certificate of Expert Practice (CEP) in Point of Care Testing (POCT) - online learning


IBMS Certificate of Expert Practice (CEP) distance learning courses (online) enable biomedical scientists with two years post-registration experience to demonstrate their knowledge and skill and progress onto other IBMS qualifications. These professional qualifications are assessed by reflective learning statements and an online examination.

Develop your knowledge and skills in Point of Care Testing (POCT)

This course is essential for anyone preparing to manage a POCT service and also existing POCT managers who feel they would benefit from some supported learning to help them manage an expanding workload and a workforce of largely non-laboratory staff.

Topics include

The specific challenges related to POCT compliance with accreditation standards along with strategies that can be used to overcome these challenges - POCT requests, handling of POCT results as well as training and competence assessments of individuals performing POCT. Factors to consider when implementing connectivity between POCT instruments and the electronic medical record are also covered.

The course comprises of six modules (two weeks study each) as follows:

  • An Introduction to POCT
  • Quality and Accreditation in POCT
  • Principles of Measurement - Analytical Considerations
  • Development of a Service Need
  • Connectivity and Data Management in POCT
  • Training in POCT

Applications are open now. 




To celebrate the launch of our Certificate of Expert Practice (online) in Point of Care Testing (POCT) and our new monthly podcast - Biopod (first episode: POCT) - we are also having an #IBMSChat on POCT. Join us on Wednesday evening from 8pm until 9pm.

Join in. Question. Advise.

The Biomedical Scientist


In this month's cover feature we look at the rapid ascent of POCT - the tests that are redefining diagnostics and breaking down barriers between laboratories and patients.

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