IBMS Manchester Branch: Employer Engagement Event

IBMS Manchester Branch: Employer Engagement Event
27 February 2024
Led by Tahmina Hussain, the University of Salford hosted a successful engagement event in collaboration with the Greater Manchester Pathology Network Workforce group at the start of the autumn term.

Aimed at strengthening University ties with the NHS Trusts in the Greater Manchester area, the event provided a platform for academics, employers, and local IBMS members to exchange ideas on improving training and education in biomedical science.

This event brought together key players from clinical pathology labs and the University to discuss how the Biomedical Science program can better align with the needs of employers. Additionally, it aimed to ensure that students and apprentices graduate with the essential skills needed for employment.

The event featured various activities. One of the highlights being visits to the simulation suite and the use of simulation-based learning to teach interprofessional education, fostering skills like communication, teamwork, and leadership among students in biomedical science and nursing. This approach mirrors real-world collaboration between these professionals in healthcare settings, demonstrating their collective contribution to patient care.

These activities and tours of the laboratories offered employers a first-hand look at the campus's training facilities for developing employability skills of students. enrolled in the IBMS accredited Biomedical Science program. To maintain IBMS accreditation, input from employers is vital in keeping the curriculum up-to-date with the profession's evolving needs.

Dr Natalie Ferry, Head of Biomedicine, said:  

“The Biomedical Science team delivered a fantastic showcase of the really innovative curriculum we are developing here at Salford, I was really pleased to talk to NHS managers, from across the wider Northwest region, who recognised the talent in the team and were excited to be part of co-creating this exciting step-change in training students and getting them work-force ready. Congratulations to Tahmina Hussain and Gareth Richardson for hosting this successful collaborative event.”
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