Letter of support for key workers

Letter of support for key workers
24 March 2020
IBMS Chief Executive Jill Rodney has written a letter of support for our members seeking education provision for their children during the COVID-19 pandemic

Last Thursday, a classification list of key workers was published by the UK government. The next day educational settings in England closed their doors, with exceptions for vulnerable children and the children of key workers. 

If you are a member of the IBMS employed in a healthcare laboratory you are a key worker, and your efforts are a vital part of the NHS' fight against COVID-19.

Some of our members approached us to report that they were being denied their right to education provision by their children's schools - or the hub-school that had taken the place of their children's school. In response to this, IBMS Chief Executive Jill Rodney has drafted a letter of support which IBMS members can use (along with their membership cards) to make their case as key workers. It is attached for printing at the bottom of this page.

If our members are experiencing any difficulties we want to try to help and make sure that all efforts are moving in the right direction - towards fighting COVID-19. If you are having issues that are not covered by this letter, or think we should be addressing another aspect of the key worker issue, please do get in touch and let us know how we can help:


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