NHS England announce final procurement outcome

NHS England announce final procurement outcome
4 June 2019
The final procurement outcome is announced regarding laboratories for primary HPV in England

NHS England issued the statement below yesterday, which completes the process of identifying the laboratories for the rollout of primary HPV in England:

We are pleased to confirm that we have now completed the procurement process for all 9 lots. 

We can confirm that in relation to Lot 1 (London), the Standstill Period has now concluded and that the preferred bidder for this Lot is Health Services Laboratories LLP.  Lead commissioners will now be able to commence the process to formalise the contract with this provider.  Earlier today, bidders for this Lot were notified that standstill has concluded via the procurement portal.

This now means that of the 9 lots in England the laboratories who will take forward this are:

  • London (Lot1) - Health Services Laboratories LLP
  • North East (lot 2) - Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust
  • North West (Lot 3) – Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust
  • South Central (Lot 4) – Berkshire & Surrey Pathology Services at Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust
  • South East (Lot 5) – Berkshire & Surrey Pathology Services at Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust
  • South West (Lot 6) – North Bristol NHS Trust
  • East Midlands (Lot 7) – University Hospital Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust
  • East (Lot 8) - Norfolk & Norwich University NHS Foundation Trust
  • West Midlands (Lot 9) – The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Foundation Trust

IBMS Deputy CEO Sarah May commented, 

“The Institute welcomes the final confirmation from NHSE of the laboratories that are the successful bidders for the rollout of primary HPV in England. However, we have concerns for the well-being of staff that have been through an extremely difficult and stressful time and are aware that significant numbers are now facing uncertain futures.
We are shortly to release guidance on retraining options to help members who may be facing difficult choices and we are also fast-tracking a review of the cytology Specialist Portfolio to ensure it is able to meet the training needs of current and future staff in different and reconfigured services.”
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