RCPath Honorary Fellowship for David Wells

RCPath Honorary Fellowship for David Wells
6 October 2020
The Royal College of Pathologists has awarded David Wells an Honorary Fellowship for his collaborative and patient centred approach

David Wells, IBMS Chair of Membership and Marketing Committee and also London Region Council Member, has been awarded an Honorary Fellowship from The Royal College of Pathologists (RCPath).

RCPath recognised that David's roles in the IBMS makes him part of a practice leadership group that has supported the profession through a time of huge changes and through great pressure and transformation during the recent pandemic. 

As Head of Pathology Services Consolidation at NHS England and NHS Improvement, RCPath recognised that David has helped to drive change in UK pathology that has attracted global attention, especially due to his excellent work with networking and consolidation. He strives to embed pathology into the heart of healthcare by supporting the adoption of digital systems, while also influencing key national health policies and government-funded initiatives. His approach to the modernisation of the field is ensuring the sustainability of pathology expertise for the future – but he still manages to find time to inspire future laboratory medicine professionals. 

RCPath also  acknowledged that David has worked with the College to ensure that the Carter reorganisation and consolidation plans are sensibly implemented, achieving the aims of savings, but keeping an eye on the preservation of specialist services and training and development. 

Finally, it was noted that David works with pathologists and scientists to ensure the highest standards of professionalism are maintained. He has a collaborative and patient centred approach that is highly valued by all who work with him.

On his Honorary Fellowship, David Wells commented:

It is a huge honour to be recognised for my contribution to Pathology by the Royal College of Pathologists, and humbling to be considered worthy of this distinction and recognition within a field I am hugely passionate about. Having started my career as a medical laboratory assistant and working my way up through all grades and positions, I would encourage all working within biomedical science to set their sights high and strive to contribute all they can to take our profession forward .


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